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Pfft I wish. Even with 5 figures ill be able to get some nice cheap land and a cabin at least . i can be the crazy woodsman who lives on the edge of the property of all your mansions

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Shiny boomer rocks is my favorite FUD
Because even if it were true, I still love the sheen, the weight, grooves in your hand. And it has value everywhere on the planet.

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Blame the other OP for not knowing what goddamn day it is. kek

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Its not hard when I'm essentially a NEET shutin since I work from home. No car, no gas, no food costs, no insurance. Everything is covered and my parents don't care, since they make plenty while I tell them I'm saving to buy my own place

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links price action made me antisemitic

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yeah, I expect them restore pre-covid divvies in few months. I bought lots of shares at $20 and I'll scoop divvies at $40 share valuation. Should be nice year

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Enjoy the dumpening faggots

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you are a hypocrite and you're personally responsible for our world being like this. really much more so than she is for whoring because she's just a woman you're a man tolerating it

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Sorry guys, I'm new to Robinhood I think I pressed the "crash market" button.

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It isn't normal how much I hate Jews bros. Each day I wake up thinking I can't hate them anymore than I already do then they do something else subversive or self-servicing. Is this why they were genocided bros?

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Any fellow Corsair holders here?
Was the acquisition of VBI a mistake?

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Just sold 3 more ETH for this
15k+ stack
$30 EOY

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i sold at 290... but i bought back in at 270

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>11 pm yesterday
>See massive red candle on all coins
>"If I just go to sleep now everything will go away"
>Wake up
>It wasn't so bad
Enjoy balding you sweating nervous pussies, I'm going to make breakfast now

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[email protected]$150
Probably gonna make it a clean 10 on monday and drop my average

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I browse biz/fit/ic am i gmi?

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I miss comfy times with frens, discussing legit projects and opportunities, but now we've returned to a cancerous cesspool of garbage. In the past it wa sobvious and easy to filter, and it sill is, but 95% of the content is just fucking garbage. I'll miss you guys, and I will return after this squeezes to remind all of these faggots what they missed a second time, but for now I'm stepping away. It's a matter of time, and I am happy to just hang out and wait, when it happens I'll have made it. If the squeeze is allowed to be squoze I'll have 7 figure account at $800, if we approach $4K that'll be 8. I am comfy. If it doesn't happen and GME carries on under Ryan Cohen I'll still be mid 6 figures in a year or two, if I do nothing at all.

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just buy good companies at low prices and hodl

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Confirmed, the frog is leaving the pond

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Soros is selling all his PLTRs

Good riddance

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Because they're the cheapest, whole bunch of normies loading up, trying not to fud but its a simple explanation, I know I have some of those among several strikes I have as do some frens

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Someone tell me how making money can be this easy, any early link holders? How do you cope with luck or being in the right place at the right time? I already 3x on this but it doesn't look its stopping any time soon.

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spit it out, dont tease

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no kikes allowed

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