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No one is blaming Trump "for the virus itself".
People are blaming him for calling the Virus a big nothingburger, and not mobilizing public and private resources to prepare us for it, for ridiculing State governments in Blue States trying to form a response for "Trying to create a panic.
People are ridiculing Trump because he's now claiming that he "saw this as a Pandemic before anyone else", and constantly praising himself for his quick action, when he's spent the better part of 2 months tweeting to everyone to just go to work and ignore it all.

This is Trump Benghazi x 100,000

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>1.70 link
holy shit i wanted it to go down but not this much

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Bagholders still gets happy with 3%

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Bro, that's the story of ETH and XMR. IT happened in BTC.... and it's happening again.

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