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This. I posted the memechart for days and warned that mumus were too euphoric.

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>stocks ath
>Chinese saying it's a bubble
>btc chart looks exactly like pic related return to normal
It's all going to crash -70% again in a few weeks isn't it?

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/biz/, I've finally hit 6 figure hell. I told myself that I'd be happy over 100k with no debt but I'm not. I feel poor.

How did you break out of 6 figure hell /biz/? Let's hear all the suggestions, shitcoins, non-shitcoins, link, business startup, stonks, options, forex, car washes, real estate. Anything that could move someone out of six figure hell in a year or two. Looks like it won't be as easy to get 10x gains this year as it was last year.

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Where are we at in this?

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Where on the chart do you see yourself? If 12 years of growth seems like a lifetime to you, maybe it's because you're 12.

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>What is this feeling anons

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anons depending on what happens tomorrow we are done. If we keep establishing lower floors then it's time to pack it up 100 percent. If that happens this isn't a dip its the end

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Beyond retarded. It's the same data. Bears always post linear because every run up to an ath that starts to correct looks like it's the top.
Lmao see the bubble chart in your pic, here I'll post it too. See the part of the chart that says institutional? That's where we are now. You linear faggot bears can linearly tongue my anus

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It’s just a cat anon, no need to be nervous.

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Don’t tell him anything.

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You’ll know when you see it. Just remember to consult the chart. It is never wrong.

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It’s only just begun. The chart never lies.

>oldfag here

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No. Wait until it rebounds a bit. You will get bigger profit and will better emulate pic rel. Crash this market with no survivors.

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bros you think were at the bull trap? And we are gonna return to the "new normal"? or do you think that the return to normal was when we shot back up after dipping in the morning?

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I’ve looked at this meme graph for every single coin and they all follow it. All of them. We’re in the “return to normal phase” after pumping like crazy to 50K for literally no reason I seriously think Bitcoin is dead now. There won’t even be an alt season cuz we already had it. We had a good bullrun but I’m afraid we’re in a for long and cold bear winter. Each “dip” will get bigger than the last.

Convert your shit to stable coins right tf now and then wait to buy back in in December. I’m warning you guys

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should i dump my alt coins when bitcoin looks like its getting near the top?

everyone keeps telling me a million dollars EOY and stake forever and shit but im a poorfag staking wont do anything for me and ill be dead by the time theres another pump

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It's over BNBros..

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BTC, ETH, it doesn't matter. If you trade a mainstream coin you likely have a feeling we are in a bubble right now, but where do you think we are?

Best digits in thread decide where we are

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>The companies believe in bitcoin in the long term. They are certain that in 10 years they will make fucking huge gains.
The hedge funds and institutional investors bought BTC last year and we are only hearing about the news now when it is pumping. BTC will pump more but will always end the same with retail holding the bags.

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Large corrections, 30-40%, are normal in crypto, but the public's sentiment at the top of a bubble is very distinct. You'll hear absolutely everyone talking about crypto at the height of the bubble and the prices will rise to levels that sound absurd right now, like $500K per BTC. Pay attention to crypto prices when things get crazy. There will be a sell-off, then a return to "normal". If the return to normal fails and prices drop further, then you need to cash out. You don't have to time the top perfectly, that's not reasonable, just get out with profits.

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Yup. We're past delusion on r/Bitcoin

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