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Who or what is pinning DOGE at $0.05 and why?

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I missed out on the 50k cap incubator too - unlimited incubator = uncapped incubator. Feel slightly baited because the launch timer on their site was off by an hour and I mistimed the launch. My fault for not checking their Twitter I guess.

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So the play here was to sell your eggs before the launch, use the money to buy GG1 and then stake it for gains.

I did not make this play.

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>mfw I bought the top at $65 on Monday

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logan paul as stupid as he looks must be doing something right. I do think someone else is doing the trading for him though

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what do you guys think about Build a bear? Sawa some anon posted about it when it was around 6, and now I'm kicking myself for not buying the dip last week at 4

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>sold my tiny ADA stack
>pumps immediately

No need to thank me pals

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Fuck I should have sold mara at 46, we got too greedy minder bros

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Stop fren

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Was thinking this. Thank you for keeping up with the old 4chan ways. Surprised no one else saw the trips

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>didnt sell at 330
>sold at 240
>rebuy 305

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>fucking glassdoor reviews
I'm thinking somebody's starting to worry about their short positions.

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This is the same faggot posting his jewish waifu

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You mean 10 Satoshi

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I bought the top a few days ago and my hopium is depleting.

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Gecko has very poor info on new BSC stuff. Also Egg removed the part of the code that was used to rugpull staking pools on some other platforms.

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Forgot previous


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I meant BNB. I just got my Metamask wallet connected and now I'm deciding what to do on PancakeSwap. Thanks for the suggestions.

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>owner's bold enough to steal from a 37 billion dollar company
Why do you think they will respect your money? You either get
>sued by nintendo

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DOGE/BTC short

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but I'm short

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oh no haha, you didnt go all in did you anon? You are at least making the most of this bullrun with investments in other coins, r-right?

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