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except it actually can be different when you understand the reason behind previous dumps - basically, uncertainty about the fundamentals of crypto because it's a relatively new and unproved technology still rapidly evolving and find its niches. Once those niches are found, the fundamentals crystalize and real value is established. With that real value comes a price floor, valuation consensus, and stability. The idea that a boom-bust cycle ad infinitum is inevitable is a fallacy in itself.

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Tell me why I should pump your bags.

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Doesn't matter, it's mooning again

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We all bought $PEPE when it was $0.00001 and we're not selling until $100

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You're on an island.
The only thing of value are coconuts.
There are 100 coconuts on the island.
100 Cocobux are created to streamline coconut trading. Each Cocobuck is "worth" 1 coconut.

The bank creates another 100 Cocobucks. Now there are 200 Cocobucks but still only 100 coconuts. Each cocobuck is now "worth" 0.5 coconuts. It's purchasing power - the real value - has been cut in half.

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Looking for you fine gents to let me know what your thoughts are on the best purchase on binance.us right now. I plan on doing extra research but figure I would see if there are some gems suggested here. Already buying some GRT, UNI, BNT, and NU on Coinbase but wanted to get some coins that aren't available there on binance.us. Thinking of setting a limit buy on ADA when it comes down a bit? Any better ideas?

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anyone got a link to new WSB Discord?


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Get on a freelancing site and market any skill you have as a service you can perform or product you can provide. There are websites, apps, graphics, content, marketing...

You will need to establish an online presence and do a lot of marketing to find 100 dicks to suck everyday.

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This book is fucking based. It changed my life.

All you faggots who think books are boring and a lot of work to read, stay poor.

The lesson in this book is embedded in a story, so the reader and actually feel and absorb the knowledge on a deep level, which is very different than many books that are formatted like technical manuals and boring as a conversation with a female talking about her opinions.

If anyone wants a summary, go fuck yourself. I would not want to deprive you of this literary masterpiece.

Read it and try not to get rich!

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For all the big brain chads and old fags, I have zeroed in on these 2 microcaps that are contenders to do a 10X before the new year. Lets hear your thoughts and please vote what you think is the most likely rocket to go 10X. I have gone 33% into each, your votes decide where I dump the last remaining 33%.

1. Multiplier (MXX) - aka AAVE on Binance Chain

2. Bird.Money - Adds analytics to borrowing and lending, kinda like a credit score

We are all going to make it, amiright boys?

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This is your gem in the rough, boys.
Latest on ABEO
- Just hit $7m revenue Q3 (300% increase)
- Currently seeking FDA approval. (Were shot down last time which caused a dramatic drop.)
- 5 of 6 analysts give it a strong buy
- Currently trading at $1.36. Target price of $4-$5
- New board members with A+ work histories.
- Most of their board resigned in September at the same time.

Seriously DYOR on this one. You're welcome.

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When starlink brings the whole world online how do we take money from the people connecting for the first time. That's gonna be around 3,4 bilion people with money to spend. If that's not a huge opportunity I don't know what is

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>use code "Strength" for an extra 15% bonus

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Click the links for free money on coinbase. I have 3 referral left.

Here's the answers to the questions too.

After you fill out the XLM and EOS, go do the two other ones (BAT & 0x) for $10 and $6 dollars. Easy money.

XLM Survey


EOS Survey:


XLM Answers:

Q1: A decentralized protocol
Q2: facilitating low cost universal payments
Q3: Transactions are fast
Q4: to issue exchange and transfer
Q5: cooperation of trusted nodes

EOS Answers:

Q1: blockchain protocol
Q2: delegated proof of stake
Q3: fast free transfers
Q4: stake EOS tokens
Q5: upgradeable smart contracts

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MU to the moon


pretty entertaining to watch
twitch tv / tradestreams

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>draw (or trace) a Pepe
>go on eBay
>auction off your unique one-of-a-kind limited edition numbered handmade rare Pepe, starting at $0.01
>deliver it to your lucky client through email
>make sure to leave a positive review
>open your shitty drawing
>type in a different number
>your Pepe is now unique
>repeat until you own half Venezuela

This is what I did to get myself some positive reviews for my other wares to get noticed, but if pennies are so valuable to you, feel free to use this strategy to win at Venezuela. There is a booming market for penny auctions, with bots creating thousamds of listings for stuff like digital chocolate cake recipies.

Do keep in mind that while mostly tolerated, rating manipulation goes against eBay's terms of service and could technically get you banned, so try to maintain some quality standard in your listings and don't make it all too obvious.

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Sorry couldn't resist shilling this before the moon

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