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>ARKK will fall below 100 today

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>get margin called
>don't answer the call
Anyone else do this?

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I'm poorfagging on RLC
Perhaps I'll make it bothers

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I was watching videos lately on /biz/ highlights and I got to say thank you all for all the laughs and time spent together. I'm a relative newfag who's only been here seriously for the past few months with my poorfolio, although I'd check in alittle over the years. But, it has been so fun researching projects together, shitposting, and riding the ups and downs together. I've laughed so hard these past months at some of the shit on here, it has been great. Especially during a time like now where things can be so lonly. I'm 21, just started investing with what little money I have in college, but I hope one day I can make it too. No matter what happens, though, it was worth spending time with you all.
We're all gonna make it <3

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Good morning gentlemen,
I hate women.
Jannies are trannies.

That is all, have a good day, thank you for allowing me to speak.

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$1 by EOW is an unironic statement.
ETERNAL reminder that PEPE is the biggest meme of the decade, above DOGE. Reminder that in terms of marketcap, pepe is significantly smaller and still out of reach for a lot of normalfags, at least for now.

Reminder that we still haven't been listed on Coingecko, but seeing the volume it's only a matter of days, if not hours. You shouldn't miss this train, anons. This is the beginning

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Nothing against apu frens but PEPE is for the refined, educated, dignified and BASED kind.

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here's where you're wrong buckaroo

See only about what 10% are even aware of crypto and like 1% are involved in it? I"m not sure but apparently the numbers are catastrophically low. So widespread acceptance is something that YOU are jumping the gun on, not us silverchads.

Now to get to the CORE of value... silver is valuable because its rare, and shiny, and because it makes women want to have fucking babies with the person who gives them gifts with it. Same effect as gold has ultimately. You give silver to jeweler, he makes pretty thing, you give pretty thing to pretty lady, she makes you baby. Babies are worth living and working for. THAT is why shiny metals (and gems) have value... its literally womens vanity, something that we as humans wont be able to get rid of.

So yearly we have a consumption of 200 million oz just for jewelry with silver. Regardless of price, regardless of hype, the people want fucking silver jewelry.

So there is a intrinsic use case isnt there? One that doesnt need explaining ... ITS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT, no tokenomics required. Not to mention the health benefits of silver and silverware.

And completely disregarding the use in industry, in cars, in electronics... which is also HUGE, even bigger than jewelry desu (800 million oz consumed a year of silver across all categories) because of silvers epic conductivity.

Now, what about bitcoin? It's PURE faith, and has NO intrinsic use case, something that people WANT. Sure you can get a bunch of autists to make the price go up, then idiots to go "ooh price go upppp" but once that's gone, much like for the tulips, its worthless.

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I sold.

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I'm not admin
but please stop being stupid anon

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Surely this'll stop at some point though, right?

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BUY THE DIP edition
Previous thread: >>29816768


(refresh manually to update)

>fair launch, no presale (first buyers/"whales" were people in thread related: >>29793067)
>~10k mcap
>1M total supply, no mint function and no farming
>deflationary in nature (current supply is around ~940k at the time of this thread)
>1% of every transaction is redistributed to all holders
>low liquidity (for now) allowing for huge positive or negative price swings and preventing whales to sell their entire holdings at once
>said liquidity is locked for one month
Proof here:

I don't even have to look at the price to rightfully assume that it corrected near the 1.5 cents range, possibly lower depending on anons' lack of patience. It's natural, the volume decreased a little and we're following market patterns smoothly. It's unironically fine and a great chance to load up before the next leg up seeing as this token isn't really known outside of /biz/ as of now. (I want to add that while some pajeets must have sold to take profit early it's of my belief that actual anons would think twice before dumping on each other this early on - even the most extreme of poorfags.)

A website and a Twitter account/shilling campaign are in the works, so buy before we start going up again based on pure greed and of course retardation. Join the TG channel:


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I'm gonna fuck a deer and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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I keep all my crypto on Binance and Coinbase for passive income.

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Good day Gents, this is a reply to the OP >>29607978
>entire market is down
>ENTIRE market is down
>AMC picking up, a meme stock second to GME
>GME picks up a tiny bit
This should've been a strong indicator to either stay in or pick up some GME. You're fucking retarded.
Some retards on /biz/ and r/wsb have done several DDs involving the entire market being down, and it supported in staying in GME.

Also, I hate women and jannies.
Thank you, and have a good day.

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The start of /XNG/ XRP Normalfag General. I look forward to shitposting in your general. Now back to talking about Baba

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Cheers brother. Let the moon mission commence

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might not kill myself after all

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i've held 52k since 2017-2018, and i just wanted to drop in and laugh at all the retarded poorfags in this thread fantasizing about how all the og's are suddenly going to sell
im sorry, but we know what we're holding and it's still extremely comfy
go play in traffic with the potential rugpull shitcoins and fartcoins or whatever it is you're doing

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Gamers, ahem!

Gentlemen, we are at WAR. War against cryptobots taking OUR GPU HARDWARE

no more this is to be tolerated. I take this to european high council to decide

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I am a billionaire.
I am a billionaire.
I am a billionaire.

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Hey, poorfag. Yes, (You).

Do you honestly think you'll make it in this cycle unless you have at least $200k right now?

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