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im already in my 30s

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I am sorry for your loss

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how long do I have to wait before RKT goes back to 39

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6 whole months before we can buy again

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>nobody will take your stupid page seriously with those flying shit in background

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>-25% stocks
>-7.75% crypto

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am I holding Plebbit bags again?

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My cunt dog bite my hand

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When I finally reached a million dollars

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because i just bought

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What's the next LINK/PNK/RBC?

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>be project lead in startup
>have meeting over Zoom
>struggle really hard to understand the accents of the Indian workers
>just say “uuuhm, yeah sure” or asking them to repeat what they say
>feel like my inability to understand accents are putting our project at risk

How do I cope with having low verbal IQ in the business world?

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Alright guys, I'm a crypto-newfag amerishart. Been trading only since November. Turned $800-$1000 into about $5600. Just came crashing down to $3100.
I don't want to sell now, though I wish I had.
Despite being a newbie, I think the best course of action for everyone is to slowly accumulate during this time with whatever is comfortable to spend. A good mix of alt coins and bitcoin. Especially coins that are a part of useful projects.
Is there something I'm missing? What's the best strategy here?

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Silver sites are sold out of bullion, did I miss out on the ride?

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>got almost 7 figs worth of crypto
>feel almost nothing, except regret when I see other shitcoins mooning
>don’t wanna sell yet

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I wish I had 5000 dollars to YOLO into some random shitcoin for an easy X100

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No, because she is a self made millionaire and I don't want her to leave me when she finds out I'm poor.

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to save us from the never ending Sino-Hindu shill spam?

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it's over

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Ketamine fren. Find a clinic. It really helps.

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Please moon now
t. $2.88 bagholder

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should I buy back in? I swapped it for rubic

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please frens

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