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>who you calling slut

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In these threads I'm going to post my findings on Pi Network, I'm also open to criticism of the project. If you want to shit on it be my guest, I don't want to mislead anyone if I'm wrong.
How Pi works:
You push a button oonce a day, and don't have to allow the software to access photos and contacts for it to work.

Confirmed info I dug out so far:
>Yahoo Finance article.

>Currently the projected value of Pi token is @ $0.36 on coingecko.

>Stanford University phd team backing the project.

>Library of Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis papers and articles.

>Kokkalis was also helping in development of two platforms (EmailValet and TaskGenies).

EmailValet: https://hci.stanford.edu/publications/2013/EmailValet/EmailValet-CSCW2013.pdf
TaskGenies: https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/2513560

>Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis' phd dissertation.

>Video lecture by Kokkalis from Stanford University
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzGhLH_NrH0 [Embed]

>They will burn unverified coins from mining-farms making the supply smaller hence increasing the price.

>They are currently testing PC mining software to set up nodes. Over 100,000 people applied to run a node.

>Github of their lead dev.

*WARNING* Unconfirmed (mostly from pl*ebbit):
>You don't need to register with your full name to be eligible for KYC, you will have an option to add it later on.
>You still have 12-18 months to accumulate before it hits the exchanges.


We both receive increased mining rate.
Your only investment consists of energy wasted by your screen and the time you spent clicking once a day. In theory the project would have to go to $0 for you to not be able to profit even the slightest bit from it.

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How is life after you make it? No larps

Pic related: a man

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