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I'm intrigued. Tell me more.

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Seems like this thing is finally tradeable on waves dex (at least ZrCoin with the 5ZPuA… id has a veryfied checkmark, is that really the true one?), and since waves is dropping, it might be a wise moment to move some into other stuff.
And ZrCoin is an intersting idea with some probable real value behind it.

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Any thoughts on ZrCoin?
Seems like an interesting idea and a probably real use for the blockchain tech.
Seems like an OK gamble to throw a few $ at.
But how do i do that?
They are doing their ICO on the Waves platform, but how do I get in on said platform?
On their website, I can only register with them, but isn't the whole idea of waves that you avoid having a new account for every ICO and such?
There is a ZrCoin on the dex already, but that's probably a fake.
What am I missing?

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is zrcoin profitable to invest in?
or is it just a scam? what biz think of it, I miss most the threads. anything will be helpful

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This board has helped me quite a bit in the past so im gonna give a single piece of advice to you ppl. Get in on this before its too late. This coin will change manufacturing.

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