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Am i wrong is saying that it doesn't yet feel like the economic effects of COVID have really hit. Things have hit but it will be nothng compared to the delayed sting that will come later on, will the stagnation and recovery be worse than 2008?

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I only have $800 to play around with. Is it even worth holding measly amount of ETH or BTC or should I just go all in on promising shitcoins like GRT ADA VET PRQ LINK. Equally I know ETH and BTC are likely to reach ATH this year and I don't want to miss the train whereas with other coins it is less certain

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Why won't this shitcoin do anything?
It won't even crash. Is it literally a stablecoin?

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Should I hold GRT or put more into ethereum before it's too late?

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Anons have been saying it will have more potenital but I think the bottom is in for GRT and I want some more

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