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Ownership was posted last night late. I have not had time to check the figures but here is a screencap of it.
If correct this is over 200% ownership if I am reading this correctly.

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Not shorted that much, it may be much higher than 200% shorted.
Institutions own 200% of the stock, and seeing as this is only a little dated, likely more now. It's fucking nuts.

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Then get out and let the longs take your shares, we don't need a pussy.
Only Deer Pussy.

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>Why he thinks
I don't care what he thinks.
All we need to know is institutions hold 200+% of the shares.
This is literally ALL we've needed to know.
The whales are going to pile on the shorts and make us wealthy eating their scraps. Anything else is pointless fluff. Stop trying to get views for your channel bruce.

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not through the website, we posted screenshots on the threads though.
oh found the second to last screenshot.
but also, this shit is very complicated
these screenshots are from https://fintel.io/so/us/gme
I don't know how they fit together...

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Oops wrong image

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Calls, for one in the option's spread.
Pic related, 200% institutional ownership for another.
Your move, fagbag.

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And kek approves.

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>Has yet to raise a real argument in the two hours he's been shitting.
Right, filter it is then. Have fun screeching into nothingness if you can't even hold a coherent argument.
And as for that sauce?
A lil outdated, but if you check morningstar even NOW, the numbers have only gotten higher.
Seriously. You have nothing but fallacies.
You suck at this and at life.

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Also, cute how when i called out all the facts, MR Loudmouth decided his ball size was as equal as the size of his evidence against GME.
Goes to show what happens when you face down the bluster of someone trying too hard to "Fit in" as a 4channer.
Reminder threadgoers, if someone is trying to make you feel inferior, it's because they are scared, use it.

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Something to note: Despite pic related being reposted all the time it looks like the website isn't showing that 200%+ anymore, though by combining the shares owned by the top 20 funds and top 20 institutions you still get 110%+ which is good. Also both of the total amounts at the bottom show an increase, which is even better.

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>Tfw you cannot make this shit up
>Tfw institutions own 200% of shares but there is only reportedly 78% shorts
>This is somehow over

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>Reddit doublespacing
>Calling people buddy and not nigger/faggot.
>Dream is over but the media won't shut up about it
>Retarded, but if i'm retarded then the rival hedge funds are fucking braindead.
Get fucked, supercuck. Here's your pity 15$, or your BTFO'ing if you are doing this for free.

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Just hold it til it rebounds. All the numbers are in our favor. Shorted to fuck, 300%+ shares exist, and many big names with huge amount of shares ready to execute melvin

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How can one nigger be THIS stupid?

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>Thinking retail matters
>Not realizing the people holding now are just riding along for the Institutions grueling slobberknocker.
Here's 15 dollars AND a kick in the pants.
>200% institutional ownership of stocks

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>I have to explain this AGAIN to a shill and or person who's not been paying attention.
I'll explain this so even braindead children can understand.
Ahem... Unga, smallhat melvin have at minimum 78% shorts, maxmimum 156%.
Unga largehat longs have 200% institutional stock.
Do unga math.

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>This nigga ain't seen the data
>This nigga still thinks it's going to 0
>This nigga still thinks people CARE how much you laugh.
>This nigga's tat in the pic is not horrible, gay, but well done gay.
So uh, what about the institutions holding 200% of the shares, and Melvin not being able to cover the shorts do you not get bro, i'll gladly explain our position and why i've remained in on the gamble.

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Qanon has no proof, meanwhile we do.

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I mean with friends like these bro, i don't think it matters WHERE it ends up.
Just WHEN it ends up on the moon.

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I haven't been in the GME threads for a few days, but I saw this image floating 'heh' around showing that theres an estimated 143 million shares of GME on the books of institutional investors when there's only 70 million shares issued, putting us in a position of wondering where the extra 73 million shares of GME came from.
Isn't this something that shouldn't happen? And what are the potential outcomes if it gets investigated?

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given what happened today and pic related its quite clear this isn't in reddit hands anymore.
but doesn't mean the price will drop, you are dealing with a thaumatic battle now.
50 floor still seems like a decent bet.
I wouldn't worry too much since the biggest gamble will always be whether the squeeze does happen or not.

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Just sell, those institutions holding 200% of the available stocks just don't understand shorts

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