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Thanks, i will try this one then

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Have a blessed weekend friend

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Thanks anon

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Thank you.

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Blessed posts.
For the love of God, I hope someone stops giving their money to pajeets and chinks because of this thread.

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No fuck off, here's the real good advice:
>buy a shovel or lawnmower
>mow lawns and shovel driveways for some cash, ask parents on what would be fair to charge
>if nothing else, they may be impressed with your go-getter attitude and you'll be in line for a promotion
>stonk investing
>you may need their help with this too, in order to make a brokerage account, like with Robinhood
>do a bunch of research, and dont take stonk advice at face value
>it is common practice for many stock noobs to buy ETF's, specifically S&P 500 ETF's, like ticker symbol "VOO" or "SPY"
>Dont trade emotionally, with fear or greed
>if you're nervous, paper trade
>research these terms and more in the /smg/ thread (not all inclusive) and on youtube
>dont fall for the day trading meme
I believe in you lil bro, you're gonna make it.

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Good job anon

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Thanks for the help. I'm just trying my best to avoid any dividends for now as it would be too complicated for me to deal with tax wise since I'm not from the US.

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Thank you anon

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any tips for starting indoor gardening? Kitchen with window faces south east, balcony with glass doors facing north west. In FL

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Ok anons getting my feet wet in the stock market for the first time. I bought 15 SPCE because space tourism is inevitably the future but what are some other stocks to look for come Monday? I have about 1000$ to invest (gotta start somewhere)

I'm currently interested in Disney, AAL, Intel and maybe trying to my luck with SQQQ. For those willing to help what are some good value stocks?

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Which stocks anon?

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What's the next chainlink? I dont want to risk it all for one thing

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>have interview
>interviewer says they have other interviews and will make a decision in 1 or 2 days

Is this a death knell or am I over thinking it?

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