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Thousands of politicians being threatened by a hacker group in possession of certain video recordings.

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ive been inactive on ebay for several years but have positive feedback and a score around 110

the past month ive listed about 15 products, sold several, shipped with tracking numbers etc., yesterday I get an email from ebay saying my account was most likely compromised and is suspended for 7 days and they cancelled all my listings and told me change my password. I do so and I sent an email explaining that it has not been compromised and it is in fact ME using it. No response.
Today I log in and they ask my secret question right away
>my mothers maiden name
obviously I know it and after one attempt they come back with "too many wrong attempts and your account is locked for 24hrs"

This is really frustrating because I am trying to build an income and I have a garage full of stock that I can no longer sell.

any body else had a similar situation?
and any advise?

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