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To understand why we are going to get deflation you need to understand the banking system. The federal reserve prints money and it goes on their liabilities. Their liabilities becomes the asset of the banking system. Then the banking system creates loans for corporations and commoners to gain cash. Once the bank loans the money that is when the money gets in the money supply. Another way is for government spending to inject into the money supply. Right now corporations and commoners are neck high in debt they cannot take on any more debt. The stimulus packages are going to corporations and people who are paying off their debt and purchasing required Commodities such as food and gas. Some of this money would be going to mortgage or rent payments but people currently do not have to pay them! One reason why the Federal Reserve has allowed zero reserves for banks is because they need them to loan all of their cash so that more money can flow in the economy and they are running out of people who are willing to take a loan. This is why there are Rumblings that the bite Administration wants to spend on infrastructure and give $15,000 in a down payment for a home. They are trying to inject as much money as possible since people have too much debt and cannot take anymore. Any money that they do get is going right to their debt. When the money goes to pay off the debt it is technically destroyed at least the money supply.

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Exactly and precisely this. The attack on landlords on /biz/ is the direct result of years of migrating Reddit users. The arguments given against letting property owners charge money for using their properties all stem from typical Communist arguments.

>How dare you make me pay for using your property!
>The people should own it not landlords!
>I deserve to live in x city.
>You are a leech for owning property!
>Property is a public right, no private entity can own it!

The banning of landlords is a banning of private property. The dictates by the federal government to literally force property owners to provide against their will is a ploy to move to Communism and increase the reliance on government. This redistribution of private property by the government ,i.e, Communism, is being pushed by Redditfags and Klaus shills. LINK $100 EOY

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