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I sold my 30K Rubic today and moved into Zero.exchange and BOND. I bet Rubic will still moon even though the limit orders are fake

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Fren please this is serious

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>whole point of the evolution of crypto, and really investing in general, over the last 15 years has been to empower the individual to have better control over their own fincances
>still just blindly give your cash to some dipshit

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BonFi is a hidden gem. Not because the AI meme will do anything but just be some shitty algo but the site is good and it has the potential to be the flavor of the week and 10x day now.

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>What’s your next move?
Recovering from a serious back injury and claw my way back into trading with my destroyed portfolio, while applying the spiritual/ mindset techniques Ive been learning about along with what I think is newfound financial wisdom so I dont fall into the same traps as before.

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Just sold 50k coins at the .039 peak. So sorry lads

thing is tho, now I have enough to buy 100k coins when it dips in the middle of the night so keep an eye for the absolute POOOMP tomorrrow. Another reason is because it was in fucking AnchorUSD and that shit has a 1 minute delay between price update EVEN WITH LIMIT ORDER.

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30K stack reporting in. Ready for my first class cabin to begin boarding

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>locked inside home during 2020
>didnt figure out how to open trading account and fund it

You deserve it desu.
>AMD losing dollars has me worried
>amd near $100
>holding AMD expecting bigger gains
>betting on horses
manly as fuck hope to do it one day.

Bartender give me another martini. GIN of course its shameful to have to spell it out but we have so many newfags I want to be clear.

This is a /biz/ bar faggot get the fuck out and leave us alone. Tendies was our meme years ago but now its only used by reddit fags

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Thanks lads. I just want to fucking burn down the rich cunts and make a bit of cash so I can raise a family.

Pic fucking related

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Im not joking. I have lost 10k+ usd from the advice of this board

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the fuck is moderation?

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it's shit

forever courting the banks but nothing happens
centralized shit that pretends it's not. Zero fees was a horrible idea ddosing cannot be stopped. Embarassing.
could be alright. Avax is better. Less complicated means less attack surfaces.
Uses inflation to print away impermanent loss. ie. a ponzi.

You only got Chainlink right nigger and that's not impressive considering you are on a chainlink board.

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im 50/50 in XRP/RLC... am... am igtmi?

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lock yourself in a room with your stinkies to be suffocated by the odoriferous aroma
>....quite pungent indeed...

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$4 before inauguration day

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Chainlink is my only hope of escaping this place

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Ok, so lets say you are me: temporarily on reduced pay because of medical issues so my paycheck is cut in half barely leaving anything after paying rent & expenses. Have about 5k in crypto. No cash reserves or savings other than 20k in ira I cant touch until I quit job. No precious metals because I cant afford them and wouldn't know where to get them and not get ripped off. Have a ton of guns and ammo.

Wtf do I do? I've already sold some of my favorite guns to pay bills and whenever I think of selling another I feel sad and I have so little in crypto it makes no sense to sell it off for gold. My situation is dire so I have adopted the yolo strategy of trying to swing my crypto stack hoping I will have 1 good trade that will give me a x10 or more because that seems like my only hope right now.

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But if I take profits it will go on a massive run up the trading books Ive read say its stupid to exit winning positions early because thats how you miss out on long favorable trends
I have tried that with several stocks and ended up holding crap like HEXO from $4 to 70 cents again the books Ive read say its stupid to hold onto losers because they tie up capital and may never recover

I have tried both strategies and lost with both I have sold my winners that went up hundreds of % and held the crap that went down 90% or more how do I break this curse/pattern? I know some of you anons must have dealt with this before I have been drinking myself silly over the last year just thinking if I had just switched my strategy with certain stocks I would be debt free and have a huge weight off my back

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>ywn have a built AE86 with a beams engine and drive down a japanese mountain road at 2 am then take a break at a convini drinking a warm can of coffee while you flirt with the cuties who came out to see the action

Why even live bros I just want to drink until I fall asleep and never wake up

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Brainlet here, explain why shit is crashing down

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I don't understand if the schizo ramblings about them are legitimate or if they are glowie operations to sow confusion and lies like the flat earth theory, and it drives me nuts

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I bought a comfy house on 5 acres and used my Robinhood money for the down payment. I had to start over with $2000 but I'm trading smart this time.

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What's some of your fucking stupid trading advice that always works?
>Never buy a coin with 4 or more letters
>Always buy a triple staged logo (if 3 letters)
>Always buy low

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For linkies, Delusion

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