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Very nice, anon

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You are about to enter the 6 figs hell in a month at most, godspeed anon.

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Well done fren. Stay away from boats

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Not to mention institutional investors are in ETH.

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TFW when I was too apathetic to sell

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Of course buying high was a gamble, that was during the gamma squeeze. I'm saying that GME has been a unironically solid deep (fucking) value play way back in September. There was no gamble there, it was a fundamental play with a company making 6B revenue lmao. The shills are still using the same old arguments

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I agree.
Lot of mad R*dditors ITT.

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For you, maybe.

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thanks for clarity, i agree bro

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Got scared for second. Let us resume are accent.

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240 here

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I wonder how many longs CZ just liquidated LMAO HAHAHAHA

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So move your mouse pointer to the top right hand corner, click the little x, and go for a run you impotent bastard

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>Do you like the stock mr Gill
>I believe it is an attractive investment yes

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Considering it fren, but my funds are tied up in SOS and RWLK right now

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Yeah bit of a no-brianer play, at least while BTC is massively green. It's headed to 15 at least imo.
The SMART entry was back in the 3-4, range, where it was shilled here and they had dipped because of the stock offering.

I kept telling anons here to load up even at 5.50, there was no way it would drop lower.

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cringe and bluepilled

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Why the fuck would I kneel to a women? I only kneel to THE LORD. Also only simps/cucks lower themselves beneath a women. If you 'eat' pussy your more of a faggot than ancient roman faggots.

/biz/ related
>LINK Rank 1
>XSN Rank 2
Change my mind

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The burger king of Blockchain

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>i list the crypto but like above i say i lost the key
I don't think it's actually been tried.
I would guess your creditors would still take legal ownership over the wallet but we are in a gray area here.

>i get some cards with pretty big limits
Would actually take years, and you would need a high paying job. You can lie on the application, most people do and get away with it, but when you declare bankruptcy you have to admit you lied about your income, which will likely get the cards you lied about removed from the bankruptcy (meaning you would still owe the money after bankruptcy) or you can go back to committing perjury by lying under oath and say you actually were making 6 figures when you took out those cards. It's pretty easy to verify your salary so this route likely ends in prison.

>seize your assets
>search your hard drives
They only take the assets you list and that is after the case. It's unlikely they will take the time to search his hard drives and while they might be able to relaunch a case it's not worth there time even if they found records of him buying crypto unless anon somehow actually managed to get a really high credit limit.

>you dont know what the fuck your talking about so plz leave honey. there is no debtors jail.
This is correct, there is no debtors jail. You can't go to jail for owing money, however you absolutely can find yourself in prison if you committed perjury (lied) while getting into that debt. Lots of states have a 1 year minimum sentence for that.

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