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how do you repay a loan without income? serious? with another loan? how does that work in practice? i’m actually regarded and need help :(

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I actually really respect Jewish people and the Jewish faith. Anyone who unironically hates Jewish people is a brainwashed moron.

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Is it worth it to try and learn TA or is it really just a horoscope for retarded traders? I actually find it super interesting and I can find patterns and shit hella easily cause of my autism and adderall prescription but what is the point of it bros? Can someone shed some light

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do you mean the strike price, anon? If you mean that for a protective put yes that is what you sell it at. Limit prices are for actually buying the put

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12 of my 14 tech stocks

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Am I the only one who recognizes the one specific giga-autist here who spends his entire day on /biz/ posting in LINK threads? I mean I admire his autism but this has been going on for over a year now. He's in every thread without fail. I'm starting to worry a little about him.

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Is there one?

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I don't even have the words anymore. Thank you SV Team for all of your work. This is truly groundbreaking. The masterpieces that have been released in the last few days are beyond words.


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Should i file bankruptcy biz? Hear me out.

>10k credit card debt, across 5 or 6 accounts, ranging 1.5k to 2.5k each.
>5k outstanding loan that is automatically taken out of my direct deposits.
>cant seem to get ahead on any one debt, basically living check to check
>make 40k ish a year, fiance makes about the same
>fiance has little credit card debt
>fiance owns home, in her name. Still paying on mortgage. We split utilities and mortgage.
>baby on the way, due end of august
>need to start saving disposable, expendable income, dont have any cause debt, despite the fact i make ok money.
>not really worried about ruining my credit, as we already have a home, and we both own our own vehicles.
>have 40k link

So what do biz? Should i go ahead and say fuck it to this debt? Which will free up a ton of money for this major life change coming? Which i feel we are already decently prepared for considering we have a home and two vehicles and two ok jobs.

Plus i have that lotto ticket link stack.

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Who the fuck is john wolpert? Why does he matter? When the fuck is main net? Where is my money?

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Serious crises only happen when no one is expecting.

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He might actually eat his cock. Dayum.

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I'm trying to get into trading (specifally crypto but that might be a bad idea) but I don't know where to learn all the things I need to understand to be successful. I using trading212 but I feel like I might have been memed

Can someone point me in the right direction to learn everything I need to know, and maybe a few tips for starting out.

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