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what do you think of PRQ?

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blessed be thy anon.
and a merry Christmas to you all.

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Fuck all the faggot fudder brigaders.
Start buying in now and remove your LINK off Binance to hamper their ability to manipulate.

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And on the first day the Lord said, Let their be linketh, and may they stinketh forever.
And so as he said, so it was done, and the price crab walked sideways for all eternity.

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Goodbye fren

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No problem and also buy link and only link if you really want to make it

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chosen ones

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I would borrow BTC since if there is some sort of crash, the LINK/USD might crash harder than LINK/BTC due to BTC also crashing. The only "concern" with this is that if BTC pumps a lot higher in USD which "could" make the LINK/BTC dump violently, but Bitcoin is mostly just a king shitcoin at this point so that's not a valid concern.

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$1000 end of year is fud

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$8 waiting room
Tonight's the night!

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Those who do not take the mark, and who surrender to God, shall be taken up into heaven, via rapture, to be with God.

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We will hit 100k sats today

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Soon, fren, soon.

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$10 is the new $5.
Once we pass $10 it will be $50.
Then it will be $100, $1000 and $81k.

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What's it like to be a LINK whale with more than 100 stinkies?

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fucking hell you have a point

pullback this week then it's happening

it's finally happening

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