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You already made it. You earned the official "do w/e the fuck" license, so leave the peons and petty-bourgeouse alone.

That is what we call "an important lesson." I am not arguing for some NEET master race btw, it is moreso what you are saying. That life atm is just inhumane in order to survive for most. I do believe in the independence mode though, because quite frankly if you succeed far enough why not work towards all the way? Consider it your new job, that is, if you are performing well.

Though really, I got no sympathy. I got my butt kicked at first hard, but I never did something like THAT. I at least gamble with DD and not on the most volatile stock on the entire market all-in'ing. But no sympathy, it is an important lesson to them on money management. Many lessons need to be learned on how to trade. And imo the only way to learn them is by losing. You must take pain to learn, otherwise you are being robbed of valuable experience and will break down like you said psychologically. But furthermore, you must learn and REFINE. Refining does not mean gambling harder and doing the riskiest things possible all-in'ing, i is finer than that. Again, it is like making a system for black jack. Casinos ban you for it for a reason, it works on a higher average, higher enough to make you a winner and casino a loser if they allow you to keep coming all the time.

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All dragon waifus are great by default.


Honestly fine to have small doubtful positions. I sold a couple shares, like 5%, the ones I bought at like 28.1 today at 32.7 and put it into GME to gamble. Was an uneven number anyways, I like multiples of 25 in things. Only riding atm SOXL, 75%, BILI, 20%, GME 5% for now. Waiting until oil dip, then reposition a bit to capture it since I sold oil yesterday for SOXL.

Covered calls is great plays during volatility. I headed out of PLTR after 24 to 26 on small swing, haven't re-entered, feel better opportunities elsewhere atm. It is fine to wait a day, as I said we might re-test one more time which will give 1 more dip to the 28-29 area for people.

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