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The profits are coming in the next few years as their revenue is increasing quarterly now with increased contracts. I don't really give a shit if they durdled around for 16-17 years doing development if they are going to be profitable in the near future.

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This is me with 40k rsr, because crypto is crypto I fully expect to take out my 2m when rsr hits $56 and buy a house on the hills in my city. Will I also purchase a tesla? Yes, yes I think I will.

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Checked and profitpilled

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Their charts look awfully similar. Looks like ASKO will 8-10x in the next few days. I DON'T want to hear if it is a scam or not. I want to make money. Get in; Get out. Simple as. Thank you.

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Def coffe teim. Little weary from the hodl.

I just want to get on to chopping wood and growing my beard at my cabin in the wilderness while bleeding edge fintech running on Starlink pays me passive income from decentralized dragon dildo and tranny hormone derivatives.

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kek, meme magick is real

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You won’t be able to purchase LINK tokens in the near future as an individual.

It will be for institutional use cases only, mostly because of price. If you’re holding 10k LINK you’ll be able to run a business just lending out LINK for network access most likely.

$ID will be similar for monetary purposes.

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Always has been.

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You're winning the chance to average down if you bought over $26.

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You guys should take a look at GME MACD

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70/20/10 LINK/GRT/ID

You’re welcome.

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I could explain to you what made you do that but it isn’t worth the effort.

Now buy as many LINK you can afford while you’re allowed to buy them.

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>07:36 AM EST, 02/23/2021 (MT Newswires) -- Palantir Technologies (PLTR) disclosed early Tuesday 3M's (MMM) decision to increase the use of its foundry platform and said the move will result in a "multi-million dollar" expansion of their partnership.
Not all those who wander are lost hobbitbros.

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Is there more to come, pennyanon? You said to hold until summer and so far I have done your bidding

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Wish granted

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Rise up fellow hobbitbros, for this week we print!

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Is it possible to make use of psychic powers to profit in the market?

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Blizzcon to boost ATVI today and over the weekend?

Am I retarded or not for thinking about this

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expect fudders with something something fiverr actors farting indian discord screenshots

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I love this. Just this goal alone is when you know you are there. You have such security, worry free living. Beautiful.

What is your citadel, anon? Where do you think is the most cozy make it place to be?

Got plans for cozy holds? Any splurge on a new station, car? Sounds like you're working very hard for others, and should reward yourself. You have made, it, be proud. You live in full freedom to do as you please, even if you need to reward yourself often with goods. The fact that you are holding crypto means your money is working much harder for you, and your purchasing power.

You will become the next financial class by being here alone. Nice work, you made it already.

You have this down pat. One great win at a time. No matter the milestone, you're satisfied, free, and spending on yourself instead of other whims. You'll be there.

I look forward to having your wife make us all dinner at our citadel, and share our beautiful family lives together.

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All good man. Reddit will filter through and leave when they get dumped on for the first time.

I'll be waiting for when you're back, I'll keep the place warm for you. Cheers.

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I cannot wait for the rest of Biz to catch up this board has been such trash compared to 17/18/19 with LINK.

Here we fuckin go again. This is it. I feel it in my bones.

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