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Don't worry
The COMEX will never default
Manipulation of PMs will keep hiding inflation
Everything will be fine
Things will just keep going on as they always did
Forever and ever and ever
Just buy tech stocks

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>Don’t buy, most of these guys itt are underwater on their purchases. The time to buy was 2014-early 2019. Wait for a downwards correction. None of these guys itt know what they’re doing and have piss poor knowledge about precious metals, money, the economy and probably life in general.

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It's only paper my friend, keep up to date on WSS and the various silver Youtube channels. This situation is clearly unsustainable.

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>Explain how I won't eventually run into liquidity issues
1.3 million volume already is extremely liquid
>when you actually expect the price of silver to increase
Price already has increased, physical is $35 an ounce; paper will catch up inevitably soon because of buying pressure and the mass movement of silversqueeze in places like WSS

You can't keep printing tens of trillions and expect a few tens of billions of $ of silver not to get chased

>I feel certain the second I buy something that's already had a 50% runup is the second I get bogged

Perhaps don't buy immediately but definitely if there's a good dip you want to have a position, for the memes if nothing else

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Does anyone have sauce for this chart ?

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Make sure that you convert that fiat into gold and silver as quickly as you can manage it. We don't actually know how soon the collapse might take place. Alasdair Macleod is saying that a banking crisis might happen within months. The COMEX is so fragile that it might break any month--March, April, May, we really don't know. But things really are coming to a head at this point and you need to act as fast as you can.

Shame, haven't heard his side of the story but even if everything they're saying is true I don't really care, he did a lot of good work with that account and I hope that he doesn't take this too hard.

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Premiums apply to retail products, not the COMEX. COMEX is where you can take delivery at spot if you have at least $140,000 (for 5 1000-ounce bars). All you need is a commodities-trading account and the ability to drive to a New-York warehouse. The higher premiums go, the more incentive wholesalers, refiners, dealers etc. have to take delivery on the COMEX and pocket the arbitrage. Add to this that hyperinflation is here and that silversqueeze and WallStreetSilver are growing rapidly and a COMEX bankruptcy is inevitable.

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The COMEX will never default
WallStreetSilver doesn't exist
Hyperinflation can go on indefinitely
Tens of trillions of dollars will not eventually chase the minuscule supply of silver
Bitcoin is usable as a currency
Russia owns more Bitcoin than dollars not gold

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