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lost some money today
missed movie night
its ok, we maintain guidance

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I've been the main one shilling it all year
SGMO is the truth. road to $20, then beyond
if it's under $10, get as many shares as you can afford

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I'd suggest having a basic understanding of how futures work, and an understanding of their use cases: why traders, investors, or other parties would go long or short various futures contracts and when.
Futures basics are actually pretty simple

Don't worry too much about guessing what other parties in the market (any market) are doing in order to make trading decisions about it. That kind of analysis is subjective, you can make up whatever explanation you want... unless you spend a long time understanding the market space and spend all week watching the order books. Then you can really see where and when people are buying and selling. Checking a weekly tally doesn't give enough visibility, it's not data that should be used on its own

I've suggested the CME online futures information before as a good intro, and I will do so again:

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