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End of day more like

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Based. You have just a bit more than I do, although paid quite a bit more. Regardless, we're both going to make it.

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cmon bat bros, bump

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anon I can only be so erect

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Posting this to combat the schizo anti-Brave faggot who will likely shit up this thread too.


It's a free and open source browser with features like:

Ad-blocking by default.
Tracker-blocking by default.
Anti-fingerprinting mechanisms to prevent you from being monitored.
Built-in Tor windows.
Run by a based Christian and not furry leftists.

As far as I'm concerned, Brave is indisputably the best general-purpose browser out there. There are other okay browsers, and I'll mention things about Brave I don't like, but Brave is especially good because it comes with all of these sensible features out of the box (you don't have to go install an ad-blocker), so this makes it very good for installing it on your grandma's computer. The anti-fingerprinting abilities are even unique among power-user browsers.

Despite that, there is a loud clique of anti-Brave agitators and Brave skeptics. Whenever I do a video on Brave, I can expect at least 20% dislikes and a torrent of comments from people with anime avatars calling me a "shill" for recommending this browser.

This, I suspect, is because Brave has an optional extra feature: Brave Rewards, which is "too good to be true."




"Douglas Leith, professor of computer systems at Trinity University, examined six browsers for his report – Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home? He found that Brave’s Chromium-based browser is the least likely to reveal unique identifying information about the computer using it."

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Seems like their saying you'll be able to buy stuff with BAT. Be it pay walled website content or actual products digital or otherwise. Maybe you can subscribe to an OnlyFans with you're BAT.

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You guys are new. This is the original BATmeme from 2017. I feel old now.

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Prolapsed and menopaused

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Listen up fudding faggots. This token is going to fucking moon as more normies jump in and see nothing comparable to 20M monthly users exists in crypto.

And I will laugh to the bank quenching my thirst with your tears of impatience while I go balls deep into your mom and her best girlfriend.

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Straight from the gospel of the Lizard People
- Chancellor Greta scowls down on plebs with the occasional nod of approval.
- “Male” has been reclassified as “cuck”
- “Alpha” has been reclassified as “cuck”
- Mentioning either is strictly forbidden, resulting in 3mo “shelter” in “happy camp”

The psychedelics are better, but at the first sign of preCoom they make you fart twice and fully shit the bed.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Bet on BigBrain, for a world without this pussy ass bullshit.

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Did shrooms last night.

Saw an oracle, who showed me a neon grid with Link oracles as a verifiable validation points for marketer APIs and BAT.

Anons, this was no coincidence. With Brave’s user base and BAT utility with Link validation. Would be huge.

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You’re retarded if you’re not buying BAT at this rate.

Fud all you want; whatever other project you’re shilling doesn’t have nearly +19M MAU.

BAT seriously undervalued for where Brave is headed. They did an AMA this week with their head of BD. They didn’t announce anything, but it was good and didn’t dodge questions.

tl;dr It sounds like Brave is making growth and revenue the priority, which is exactly what they should be doing at this stage.

Reassuring that Brave isn’t a non-profit like FireCux. They still have a lot to work through, but I am not seeing any project with more active use and potential to hit Jupiter. Serious team. Bullish.

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In Eich we Trust.

People fud all day, but Brave has nearly 20m monthly users and have mainstream brands advertising.

No other non-exchange app in crypto even comes close.

BAT is the most undervalued token in crypto.

Fuck politics.

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BAT is so undervalued right now.

I spy at least 3/5 top 5 ad holding company clients advertising on Brave this year. That’s a huge signal. Chipotle, Newegg, Verizon, Home Depot, Intel...

Those advertising buys would have to go through some difficult discussions with the brand and the agencies. I work at a very large agency, and while Brave has really great growth, their current size doesn’t move the needle much. What this tells me is that these brands likely find Brave tech to be a strong hedge in case G gets busted up and EU authorities actually enforce GDPR. If either of those events happen, Brave and Apple become the only 2 tech companies that actually engineered adtech to work with privacy.

Anons, the advertising industry is a huge front for horrible scumbags to wash money and moon apps. We would watch 80-120k of a 250k campaign get crushed by bots and zero fucks ever given. Brave fixes this with BAT

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You are an absolute moron.

Half of this fud you list are actual value adds.

Data stored locally on device. Your data. Your device. Not some Brave cloud or other horseshit that harvests and whores out your shit without your knowledge.

It must hurt for you to think with that tainted cuckball between your ears so let me dro a bomb of truth on your brainlet prolapse of a neck hole.

This project has done what an entire adtech industry has failed to do in 20+ years:

Advertising with privacy and user rewards.

I work In advertising, and more of my coworkers are talking about Brave every day. They have zero competition in private advertising, and close to 20M monthly users.

BAT is the most undervalued and underrated crypto in this space with the clearest track to mainstream adoption.

Big brain also leveraging long on revenge against the silivalley sjw cucksquad that pushed him from Moz.

Adtech and big tech are waking the sleeping giant of people who are now realizing how much these multi billion dollar behavioral science experiments are cucking them with taped nuts and a gag ball.

The synapses in BigBrain are firing strong and bright. Corona virus is a dumb pleb cunt next to the computing power of BigBrain. Trump caught it. Eich didn’t. Eich is no bitch.

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LeafBAT reporting in.

Currently holding 1.1K BAT and plan on getting that suicide stack

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Take a load off trannies and gentlemen. put your feet up. do you have your cup of hot brew ready? how we all doing tonight? don't feel disheartened by the red lines this morning. things are gonna be great. just breathe. BAT is gonna be fine.

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More than you have. Buy more BAT and find out.

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