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When does trading close for Crypto? I really need to sleep

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>Paying child support to two ex's
>Work full time
>Trade Crypto

No real friends since I move around a lot for work, basically just go to work, go home and listen to late 90s-early 00s rock/punk/emo. My total investments is only around $300k. How do I get pass this

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I haven't been focusing at my job for the last two weeks or so because of the GME AMC RH drama. But now reality is setting in again

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>GME and AMC didn't go to the moon
>Back to wage slaving tomorrow and dealing with blacks and mexicans and jews

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>tfw got an order in on thursday
payment's processed, but it still hasn't shipped. hope to God they don't cancel it

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I declared bankruptcy during a divorce and am starting over. No debt, three streams of income for now, and got backpaid by PUA. put it all into bullion and stocks. cancelled all streaming services. Only pay rent, phone bill, car insurance. Eat out maybe once a week, and that's a fast food meal. Stacked 4k last month doing this. Can do it for quite some time.

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it was a while ago before the gook took over 4chin

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I know that feeling. It's shit work with shit pay and topped off with shit co-workers pushing all of the worst things on to you. 10-12 hour work days filled with fun and excitement.

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