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when the bulls come back. Which is your pick?

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what kinf of retard creates these images and then posts them

pretty faggy

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ARK, it's got top 10 written all over it.

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Nothing that currently exists. Most of the current alts will slowly die with the bear market and not come back

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I'm thinking bitconnect, it dropped too low. Only way is up.

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That gitl in the image painted that shit retard, respect her.

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that's my girl

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boobs or gtfo

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things below the top 200

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god those feet are nice

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Sure. If they can get propping up ONT at all costs out of their system.

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This one will outlast the majority of coins currently on the market, but may take some time before it gets the pump it deserves.

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>bulls come back

Believes in fairy tales.

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what a waste of paint and time

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my dickcoin once i put that girls foot in my mouth

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>tips fedora
>after you m'lady

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Don't know if it will grow the most but Jibrel is going to be normie bait during the next run.

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she's a fag and so are you

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Vechain, unironically. Not because of partnerships or value or any stupid shit like that. This is crypto after all. No, Vechain will moon because of the 100:1 split. At current prices, one VET token will be $0.025. Normies love that shit (XRP, ADA, XLM, TRX, XVG).

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It's mathematically sound.

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The correct answer is STRATIS anons. Thanks for playing

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Sovrin / Harmony / RadixDLT

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OP is faggot
>BTC faggot

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She's absolutely perfect.

That cute face+ass and thigh ratio.

I must have her.

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When funfair takes off
Funfair will bring the normies

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Respect her for what? Painting your gay cartoon frog? Get the fuck outta here you numale tard

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Unironically this

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they'll pump regardless of the state of the market

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If I thought it was going on Coinbase I’d say it could pump to 10 bucks. It’s going on gdax. Literally meaningless. Normies don’t fucking even know it exists and callingbit Coinbase pro will just scare away casuals.

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Id love to give her a nice little splash of my semen

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Just came by to say nice painting ^_^

Also the extreme anti-women atmosphere on 4chan is mostly the work of israeli soldiers whose only job is to post here.

And no, jews literally don't have anything better to do than fud "nazis" from having babies.

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Anon do you know alot on this subject of kike trickery? It's obvious they are shilling more and more degenerate things to younger and younger kids through rappers. The more nigger you are, the more guns you flash on camera, the more likely shekelstein will sign you to a label.

Now , why is the US allowing this to happen? They have to know what's going on, kikes are making the big guys back off and allow it. But what's the main benefit for the US?

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there is only one answer

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They aren’t coming back

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SKY SKY Skycoin Skycoin SKY

No but seriously, check out the strategic partnership between SKY and Binance. It's the next Ethereum without a doubt

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obviously coins on coinbase. cmon OP they are the only things with real fiat.

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you homogays can meme all you want, this is a cool pic

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DGB, just look at the charts. Insiders dont want to be late

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store of value in progressive project

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>what a waste of paint and time

This is where the sour pajeets hang out.

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All these other people are shilling their shitcoins

The only coins with actual market value right now are Vechain and Iota that’s it don’t buy anything else cause I promise you that billionaire boomer isn’t buying anything else

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lmaoing at all of u

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Seconded for coss. Coss 2.0 out soon and it’s 30x lower than its ath

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>actual market
Stop shilling your garbage

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>tfw no crazy alcoholic artist qt girlfriend to paint pepe with

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>ywn drink with her and paint dumb internet memes
why even live

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>average looking french girl sitting infront of tons of pepes
>BASED magapedes shitting themselves over the "absolute beauty of the white race"


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ELA going right to top 5

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There is no benefit to the US lol, the goal is to destroy the US. What do you think the election of Trump was about? All the kikes on TV, newspapers Twitter, well every social media platform really, are literally screaming bloody murder 24/7/365 because they know their subversive scheme of selling out the US, destroying its culture and displacing its people is coming to an end.

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sitting around harvesting POS/MN rewards during the bear market. Bulwark is holding a steady price around a dollar.

Once we hit another bull run we should go back to $10 and I'll be rolling in it.

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she looks 100% slavic and is actually russian lmao

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SKYSKYSKY for the win

they are booming in projects and devices, and the latest agreement is the cherry on top

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was thinking the same thing.
just bought 100k

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Eth & Zil

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Holochain and EOS

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