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This is unironically good for the market in the long run.
This is the moment where all the shit gets culled.
By the way, if your coin isn't moving up in the ranks right now, it's gonna die.

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>in this bullmarket

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fuck all those altcoins, they never had a point and were there to scam normies. they can all disappear tonight

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cursed image

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probably will

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You people are such noobs

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Buy altcoins

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i cant believe i got memed into hodling these shitcoins

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Can't blame them for wanting cheap alts. If anyone listens to anything on biz they deserve to lose money anyway

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we aren't in a bull market

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there is no way to win

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Nice, another reason why DGB will be one of the few altcoins that will survive.

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it will be okay anon.

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Maybe yours...

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>TUSD moving up
hehe looks like my investment is safe

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