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We made it frens. How are you celebrating?

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is that fucking COLD whiskey?
kys senpai

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Was that in the freezer?

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you made what? where's the mansion? hot girls? fast car? you made nothing, pal .

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Going to the gym then fucking my neighbor.

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>whisky in freezer
y u do dis?

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Make sure you chill that bottle 35 dollar bottle of cabernet for your neightbor. Should be the temp of cold milk, so put it in the fridge now.

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I 15x longed 6754 for 130,000 contracts, and took 50k profit at 7460.

I'm just sitting here realizing that I most likely longed the bottom of the GBR. I'm keeping these 80k contracts indefinitely, only putting back in what I took out at the first actual 10% or more dip.

If it never comes, I'm happy, if it does, then I get the chance to go big. Either way, I'm just, I made it. All the fucking pain of being in crypto for over a year, the highest highs and lowest lows. I have the experience now to make it, and I'm watching it happen.


I love you all.

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you still came in 2nd on the day to BCH - nice try though

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Double checked anon

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btw sorry, though you were OP with his frozen whiskey.

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bitcoin aids (bch)

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