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target: 5900 sats
>t. TA sexpert

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Tethered up and patiently waiting.

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This. Its literally dumping right now. Target: 3900 sats

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>playing the daily and weekly moving average lines

That shit is default on exchanges for a reason, gives you brainlets a false sense of comfort in your swinglinking. You will be left behind.

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>dumped at ~9100 sats
>got into poly cuz memelines
>dumped poly an hour later because zrx had better meme lines
>tfw zrx is actually making me profits while using it to short link
I'll be back soon

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Where we can follow your trades

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no where because I'm in it for me and everything on here gets lost in a sea of shit and insults but if you wanna know I'm holding out for 15000-16000+ sats on zrx before going back into poly if that hasn't taken off yet

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why tho?

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>short link
You idiots just use whatever word comes to mind don't you?

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Look pal we shit on the same streets, we're practically brothers. Just say it.

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Wouldn't surprise me. The memers that keep posting Zelda pictures makes the project seem childlike, not to mention the Nazis. I sold at $1.30 because I saw the writing on the wall. No executives are going to take a project seriously when it's biggest fans play zelda video games.

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upset i'm gonna get more linkies?
say what?

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He's not wrong though. Going short doesn't necessarily mean buying a short contract, he means he's taking up a position that reflect his belief that Link is going to drop. Just as simply buying it would be going long. And he's right, it's gonna retrace. I don't swing trade link though, just buy dips to keep my entries as low as possible. Not worth the risk, few percent lost now is huge money gone after the Singularity.

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18 cents end of week

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Thanks for the target. I have a few zrx I'd rather dump for something else

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