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SOOOOO EXCITED to be here with you all for something NEW and so, so NOW.
Excited to make new friends, share business tips, make millions (fingers crossed! haha)
We get to be here at the start of something totally fresh, so as the "old kids" I think we should make some stuff so that we can have a 4channel culture. Firstly I think we should call each other "chans" short for "4channelers".
So for example, everyone here now is an "OldChan", while all the little kids that join later can be "NewChans"
Anywaaaaaaays so excited to meet you all and hope we have tons of fun (and a bit of money! haha) along the way.

Stay woke! Xp
4Channeler Erik P (the original OldChan, haha!)

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What is wrong with you?

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kys faggot for trying to frame yourself as me

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have an upvote!

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I dont care about any of that! Just tell me where /d/ went!

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kek sensitive snowflakes couldn't stop crying about /pol/ and kicked themselves right the hell out of 4chan

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