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Should I identify as woman to have a better chance to get a job?

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No, but that's not what you wanted to hear.

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Yes and call your potential boss 'daddy' you naughty trap

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Who is this grill

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Tamako from Tamako Market.
The pic specifically is from Tamako Love Story though I believe.

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If you were raised a boy identifying as a woman makes it much harder to find a job. You also have to reveal it whenever you give ID over. It's obnoxiously difficult

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It would just make it harder for yourself 2bh

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No. Successful businesses hire competent people.

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Don't listen to these faggots.
this is simple to A/B test
Submit basically the same resume
as a boy and as a girl
see how many jobs you get

post results here.

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>being a mentally disabled degenerate
>even thinking twice about letting an employer know that you're a mentally disabled degenerate

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Depends, female dominated (like really so i.e librarian, secretary) might be more likely to hire female. Maybe tampon marketing or babies.Otherwise don't see why.

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Years ago I did a test for a job at dollar tree hq, all computer based. First things they ask you are gender and race.
>Test adjusts difficulty based on your answer.

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If it's remote and you pass at low res or in dim lighting, why not try?

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>citation needed
I think both meanings seem pretty logical.

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