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How much would it cost to hire a straight white male to build me a basic e-commerce website? I don't want pajeet, just want a nice, functional, simple website. That is all.

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$50/hour* and it will likely be some nu male graduate from a "code academy".

*Including time spent """researching""" aka fucking around on the internet and google searching basic html tags

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Don't go with Pajeet or Carl OP hire a neet from round here and pay em six bucks an hour. Your cost will be low, customer service will be 24/7 (the neet never leaves), the neet will get his tendies and you will get your site win win situation

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I'll do it for 20/hr m8

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Yea right. I wouldnt hire NEET scum to clean my toilets

Probably gonna consult a few local eeb design companies. If they can do it for under $500 I'll be happy

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This is basically what Poole did, janitors spent years of their life working for free kek. This OP, hire a self taught NEET.

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>Nice, fuctional, simple website

Just fucking use Shopify

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Thanks for the tip Steve, from mywifequitherjob.com.

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Hire a NEET who knows coding, pay a set fee based on the what you want.

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I charge 67/hr

Your website will be gr8

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There are a ton of anons on 4chan who can do this for you, myself included. Just ask on >>>/g/wdg

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Actually nevermind, I can't help you, but other anons can. I do other kinds of web content.

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