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How do I start trading stocks?
I want to invest about $2k in the stock market, I was thinking of using Robinhood but obviously it's not available in Poland where I currently live.
I found some Polish brokerages but they charge like $100 for buying foreign shares.
I also found out that I can make a TD Ameritrade account but haven't read about the fees, is it good?
Also, what brokerages have what stocks? Do they have all of them? A portion of them? How does it work?
wat do, /biz/? which one should i get?

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Check out German online brokers (e.g. DAB). They have reasonable rates and you get to keep your account in Euros.

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I don't speak German

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put all your zloty in a stock listed on the LSE called Dominoes Pizza Poland DPP

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don't do it. put it in a savings account like the good ol days.

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besides what's wrong with investing on the WIG

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Let's say I'm an American who uses robinhood. Then I move to Poland. What's stopping me from continuing to use Robinhood on my American phone?

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how about Degiro? They got a polnish page too.

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trying to withdraw your money

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I've got a Schwab bank account

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nothing really...

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I work for an investment company. Email? I'll let you in on the details and then you can make your descision. I'll email you from my brokers email so you know it's legit

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No thank you Mr. Nigerian Prince

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I guess transferring the funds from your polish bank to the american bank might be a problem. It's pricey to wire it over. Maybe you can use paypal or something.


>buying foreign shares

Why would you buy overpriced western stock? Polish zloty is super fucking cheap for a eu country that has it's books in order. I'm wondering how I would invest in WIG as well.

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Hi, I would be very interested as I have similar questions
My email is [email protected], which I just created for the purpose of this opportunity to learn.

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Funny, the Nigerians always have stolen card to offer

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I believe they open accounts for overseas clients

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And why can't you 'let me in on the details' over here?

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Given that you are from Poland, have 2k USD to invest and want to trade foreign shares, I recommend save up to equivalent of 3k EUR for first deposit and use Lynx Broker. Lynx is affiliate broker of Interactive Brokers and if you use them, you use Interactive Brokers as well as their fee structure, platform and data, except you don't need 10k USD minimum, but only 2k USD to maintain the account, postponed data is free and there is no inactivity fee. So you get all of IB benefits without having to meet US/UK requirements. It's perfect solution for trading stocks on cash accounts below 25k USD liquidity value.


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I'm thinking about choosing one of those -- Degiro or Lynx.
Degiro has smaller fees, doesn't it?
What are the pros and cons of both of them?

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If you just want open an account quickly with zero comissions and leverage available - with no paper work required - just open a bitcoin cfd broker account

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