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There's a HUGE dump incoming at some point within the nearest hours. Go into stablecoins RIGHT NOW. When the dump happens it will happen fast!

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Prove it

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Blocks your dump

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Digits confirm.

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Just did 5btc of TUSD. Thanks Op!

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>I opened my short, please put me in profit before the fees liquidate me.

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Thanks, just sold everything including my house and children.

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thanks for the buy signal

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Fucking rofl. There was a time that I knew these posts were bullshit, but now it seems that 1/100 is actually not a larp. Well done.

> crash this fucker with now survivors. Its time.

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nice just sold 100k

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>I'm retarded and think a few racist LINK fags on a Guatemalan collectible toenail fungus image board can move the market in my favor

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Moved my EOS and LTC into TRTL a while and it's been paying off big time.

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No one's talking about link you homo. Imagine having a shitcoin like that live in your head rent free for a year. You guys are going to suicide yourselves when sergay exits.

> imagine the stench

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