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What's the best hedge against Brexit for us Britfags?

Wtf do I do with my savings...

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Euros? Dollars? Fuck

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Change your name to Abdul and open a corner shop.

Get married to a cute paki.

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Gold is pretty much the safest place. If you have a lot of cash you should put it in gold.
That way you won't be justed in case of a no deal. However you might lose out on pound gains in case of a good deal.

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That would be a passive hedge. I'm sure there are a lot of opportunities but I don't think I'm smart enough to capitalize on them.

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Good point - I'm aiming for a safe option, so this might be it

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all in usd, it'll go up
especially when trump opens the gov again and starts building pence's fence with american steel, and whips china into submission

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I've personally put a hundred in physical silver

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I'd be willing to bet that the pound and the British economy will do a lot better than the Euro currency and the EU. The basic numbers are in Britains favour not the EU.

No deal is the best option, a deal menas they get to control your country and stop you forging agreements outside of the EU. Pound may flash crash but will recover. Euro is toast.

The fear is drummed up by the media but the EU is in worse state than Britain because they are losing a massive contributor, have trillions in bailouts or defaults in Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece etc. on the way. Rising euro skepticism all over the block and disgruntled young people.

I also own gold/ silver and crypto so those are good ideas as a hedge

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>living in Britainstan

big Yikes from me

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>not switching up pounds to kuwaiti dinars

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the problem is that there's almost no other places to go to either

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The "hedge" will be stringing up soros fags like you and your dirty fucking foreigners.

England Lives, and Marches on!

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You can always try the Index Linked Gilt ETF (INXG)

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Burn them you fucking pussy, do something you mean for once in your fucking life..

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That VAT charge is a deal breaker for UK Silver

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Buy silver outside of the UK.

The authorities in the UK will break down your door for simply owning bitcoin. Why in fuck would you stay there?

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sorry britfag, no hedges this time.
buy knife, ammo and gun. And watch your back

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>buy knife, ammo and gun

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This but unironically

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buy BTC
move to Luxembourg

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Worth investing in $ incase of flash crash?

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This might be the most retarded thing I have ever read on 4chan and that says a lot.

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Okay sure remaincuck, try making an argument next time.

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That's your hedge against brexit? You couldn't get your fucking hedge cut for that.

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europe is a sinking ship, it has even more unfunded liabilities than the US, and the US has a fuckton. At least as an independent smaller state the UK has a slightly better chance to move quickly.

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Here's the thing, if Brexit actually manages to happen and by some miracle we get people in power who actually aren't fucking cucks, then we can shut the fucking gates till we sort our shit. If we kicked the shitskins who produce nothing out, we'll be more than halfway done in solving half the countries problems even if it means the economy having an itty bitty slump. Whoopdefuckingdoo, shit happens and its not the rural and suburban retards fault you didn't plan for it. Even so, if we solved those key immigration issues, the economy wouldn't fucking matter too much since the lack of 5 bajillion gibsmedats getting govt paid housing means that the market will have to fucking settle for selling at reasonable fucking prices.

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>Not an argument
You dumb fuck, if you knew anything about how the euro region is doing right know, you would do what Im doing and buy eur like a motherfucker + short gbp along with every major britcuck company that is stuck on that sinking ship of a country. But you know nothing so you will stay poor.

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You creep me out nigga. I was just kekin at that picture in my folder.
The mutt cutie above him is so fine.

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Alrighty whatever you say buddy. See you in about 8 months.

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take the stick out of your ass Muhammad

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England is already dead.
It literally does not exist de facto.
Just another state like Prussia, Saxony, Westphalia, Burgundy Yugoslavia etc etc...European nations especially are rebuilt through the history rebuilding, you are just not aware that you're the target now.
Your salaries are closer and closer to eastern Europe. Demographic changes are enforced.
The sciety lost its first world attributes irreversibly. England is de facto dead.

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All UK assets have been oversold. Now is the time to be buying UK.

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Yen or Dollars

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Doesn't work during a panic, price skyrockets and you lose the more you invest

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the UK manufactures nothing and has little to no agriculture, ireland reuniting and scotland splitting off with all the oil means they'll lose the loophole access to the EU and the oil revenue

the fish stocks surrounding the island are depleted

the last asset they have is expensive real estate supported by the london financial industry which was dependent on their access to the EU market that was just cut off because of brexit

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so, in order to kick out the poles, you decided to burn down the farms?

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Unironically Bitcoin. Definitely stay away from the USD. Yen might be another good option.

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italy and spain and greece are nothing but unsustainable lifestyles, the only people who do work are the germans and the eastern europeans who have their shit together and are catching up quick to the rest of europe in terms of wealth and ability and don't have the shitty work environment of traditional europe, france is the last financier

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insider here. i've known for 2 years brexit will be cancelled in early march. cough russia cough muller report cough. do what you want with this information

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who wants to invest in a 10 year bond let alone 3 or even 2 years

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ya theres way too many competing forces and things up in the air for this to not completely fuck up

UK leadership has done nothing but wait til the last minute and avoid blame

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there are darkweb sites on TOR that sell guns and ammunition specifically to the UK
>t. armed burger

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based and cute 9yo pakistani waif pilled

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historically the best hedge in times of uncertainty has been gold. With that being said, it doesn't guarantee that's the winner moving forward -- but if you want to go with history: get some gold.

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Before making yourself sound like a 13-year old UKIP member, read some books on politics and political economy.

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Buy bitcoin u stupid britfag.

If you must get precious metals u can buy Gold British coins and you arent liable for capital gains on them when u sell.

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Ireland's economy is the best performing in Eurozone.

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And will be the most fucked by Brexit.

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Basically no good advice in the entire thread.

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EU elections this year are going to be a landmark. Populism is rising all over Europe, and they may well get enough votes and seats to start having real influence in the parliament, and with some commision appointments too, Europe is heading for a big crunch situation too

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You don't hedge during a panic.

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switzerland here

I hope Article 13 fucks your shit up good euroshill, go back to fucking reddit faggot

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Unironically put it in LINK.
The pound will drop in the flash next week, there's no two ways about that. Buy back during the drop, then put it back in link or some other steadily rising coin when it shoots back up again a few days later. The real drop will be in around 3/6 months once we actually know what's happening after the dust has settled and big business starts to put new plans into place. From there it could go either way, just don't be holding gbp at that point.

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unironically cringe

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THe biggest issue with the UK economy is that it's entirely London centric. This has nothing to do with 'shitskins' you imbecile.

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Silver britannias

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No, idiot.
USD is safe.
EUR is literally going to shit the bed alongside the GBP.

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Pipe down wog boy

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>The authorities in the UK will break down your door for simply owning bitcoin. Why in fuck would you stay there?
What police state do you come from? I am guessing Burgerland
>do what Im doing and buy eur like a motherfucker
typical /biz/

Also this
>brexit will be cancelled

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>USD is safe.
But only *IF* it remains the world reserve currency.

Are you one of the USD is the safest in the world guys? Its the view of many professionals!

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>>The authorities in the UK will break down your door for simply owning bitcoin. Why in fuck would you stay there?
>What police state do you come from? I am guessing Burgerland
implying the uk is not a police state worse than burguerland...


>> No.12396536

>implying the uk is not a police state worse than burguerland...
Having lived in both places, anyone that thinks the UK is more of a police state is generally a burger that has no passport!

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I don't get how someone who has lived in England can possibly have the attitude of 'brown people bad, white people good'. The shittiest, scummiest people in England are very often white chavs, not to mention pikeys. This isn't the USA.

>> No.12396599

and where do you live

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Everythings priced in short term, long term gbp will cuck eur hard.
eurozone debt is outrageous

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Grew up in London, now live in Kent.

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did you actually live around minorities or rich area of london?
i grew up with low class chavs in the norf around doncaster and i'll say that i never heard of 3 white guys jumping out of a car to stab a 14 year to death.
There was plenty of fighting for no reason, and drunk violence.
they also don't have any 10-80man strong rape gangs targetting little defenceless girls.
as usual you only hear liberal views from faggots that only live in expensive safe white areas.
like kent lmao

>> No.12396663

I grew up in a borough of London that is currently close to only half white. Black people were the most dangerous by far. I'm not disagreeing with that part. What I disagree with is people who imply they're the only problem, when in reality it's the working class white yobs and chavs who are also really bad. You could kick out all the black people and others and you'd still have lots of cunts.

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Change currency to dollars or euros

>> No.12396678

Friendly reminder that Brexit is massively bullish for the UK long term and the Rothschilds already dumped their dollars for GBP.

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So like, do they pass these girls round? Like gang banging them? Is it consensual? Maybe the girls are into that sort of thing..

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the thing is, the level of violence is much higher among the blacks, the whites have to go to their level to "fight back"
I saw a video of an ex-police officer mention they had not seen the violence escalate so much as when the somalis were introduced to london.
Well, they generally target lower class family girls who are vulnerable, shit parents, doing bad in school, etc.
They would be targeted by someone of their age and introduce them to their fathers/uncles/older friends etc.
They in turn would be nice etc. free kebabs, drugs or alcohol.
They would take them high/drunk and take them to houses or quiet areas and share them around and rape them for days or hours.
sometimes they abducted them in a few cases for years and kept them as house slaves, made them wear muslim clothes, took them to muslim doctors to get abortions etc.
They are really disgusting people desu.
The worst one i read was some 80 man group of mainly taxi drivers from newcastle.
white pedos don't operate so openly within a neighbourhood and close friends/family involved like the paki's do.
They clearly see this behavior as "normal and acceptable" among the adults.

>> No.12396795

hard to pass up good chav pussy, though...you know what i mean? Those girls that wear those trackies and are in good shape.....makes my cock hard as a diamond

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>in case of a good deal

>> No.12396809

the great shitskin culling will be incredible to behold

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liquidate all £-denominated accounts, keep anything you need for day to day expenses in physical cash, and buy Bitcoin, Gold & USD with the rest

>> No.12396866

is there any ETFs which are purely tracking USD price, available in the UK? Got about 200k in funds and shares between myself and my mum (I sort her money out, otherwise it'd just sit in the bank doing fuck all).

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>not buying TRUE
>Shorting Okex
No wonder you're poor

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stop spreading this OP, you're going to ruin a good opportunity by reposting this on /biz/, everyone should sage this thread

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Unironically bought 30k

>> No.12396896

Too late faggot

>> No.12396899

What about kyc for okex?

>> No.12396905

KEK kyc is a joke. Literally Google "Korean id" and they will accept you

>> No.12396906

Can confirm.

Sauce: just did it

>> No.12396912

I've wondered my self why they even have KYC honestly.

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Its amazing how Muller will not only impeach drumph but also elect a different government in another country entirely

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The EU and the U.K. were going to fail eventually, weather they stay or not, the whole thing was unsustainable. A bunch of countries with radically different cultures trying to get anything done was destined to fail, especially when Eastern European countries got in. Every one in it was too small or too broke to really contribute anything, that’s why Germany and the U.K. pretty much ran everything and everyone was getting mad at Germany, and also some German banks are starting to fail, Eastern Europe could have been a manufacturing powerhouse, but many left for Western Europe so that won’t happen. Spain, Italy, Greece and France went to shit. The EU should have just stayed a trade pact and not become a continental government

>> No.12397379

Thanks anon. That's mighty mind of ya fella. Just accumulated 12k.

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Go BACK to POL!!!

>> No.12398157

Not hard to pass up when you try a doll mate

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Yes there are ETFs shorting the pound against the USD. Such as SGBP.
You could short against Yen.

The pound dumped after the brexit referendum because supposedly traders didn't see that coming. That's bullshit, they're not stupid. I think institutions dumped which scared the crap out of everyone else into following. The same thing is likely to happen March 29.

>> No.12399714

Brainlets will pass this up

>> No.12399762

why wouldn't it be?

>> No.12399915

Pretty sure that applies to 10% of kent max.

>> No.12400324

Good find buddy

>> No.12400359

Its simple. You short UK banks and manufacturers.

Make money while everyone else reads tabloids and watches their net worth drop off a cliff. It's really not that hard lmao

>> No.12400411

>posted whilst German and French industry both decline towards recession

>> No.12400416

>UK Manufacturers
>Affected by Brexit

If you mean those who have supply chains involving Europe, sure. But manufacturers who operate solely within the UK could be pretty cosy investments

>> No.12400497

Just buy gold off the royalmint, they even have signature which is basically is a gold fund but you will have to pay CGT if you have more than the CGT allowance, otherwise buy gold coins.


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Lmao deluded nationalists.

>> No.12400634

Imagine not being a nationalist in the year 2000 + 19

>> No.12400953

does this even matter if your net worth is ~£1k?

>> No.12400969

yes, this is definitely a good idea, so your shit can get stopped at customs and you get thrown in the slammer

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only safe bet in the world soon once the furor declares emergency power over everything

>> No.12401062

Shorting the koreans for 1/5th of the price. FeelsJewMan

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>> No.12401244


Lol like the white racist that killed that MP?

>> No.12401288

>This one specific example that happened that one time
>Please ignore who is over-represented in prisons and crimes in the UK

>> No.12401389

As someone who comes from a 3rd world country I can tell you right now that a shit ton of money is coming in to markets like Brazil, Argentina, South Africa and such...

I can tell you that in the case of Brazil, a lot of witch hunting has been done in the past years to get the large state companies rid of corruption and political influence, our largest companies have been restructuring due to corruption for the last few years and have gotten their shit together in the past months making them extremely attractive right now since not only they were burried in shit for the past few years, but they were oversold as fuck as well... This applies to many other countries

>> No.12401399

And now, with major markets like EU and NA going to shit, the cost of opportunity of these smaller markets have just become extremely attractive... just saying

>> No.12401441

Alright lads calm your tits.
Some of you horrid little cunts are talking a whole load of shite and I'm here to set the record straight.
Brexit is god's gift to the blessed people of holy Albion.
As it stands blessed Britannia is nothing more than a client state of the EU: a council of faceless leaders passing foreign laws in a foreign language and enforcing them on foreign (our) shores. We have been the victims of a slow, creeping poison which has successfully undermined our sovereignty through subversive, cryptic legislature, pushed forward by (((them))) under the pretence of foreign ideals - namely those marxist ideals first spawned (liberte, egalite, fraternite) then re-engineered (why are all the marxist 'philosophers' from Parisian circles?) by continental slime.
And for what? To have our island flooded with shitskins which eliminate our genetic legacy by spawning mystery meat untermensch? That collectivise under the banner of equality? That have zero understanding of Anglo-Saxon ideals?
Anyone who has spent any serious time around minorities understands that their sole mission is not to benefit us, but to deprive us of our resources and eventually replace us. Anyone who has spent time around liberals and socialists knows that they are either zealots, followers, or total fucking numpties.
Brexit is the best thing for Britain.

>> No.12401848

Mfw okex accepted a Google image for the kyc. Tankies anonchanfor the gold mine OwO

>> No.12402286

Kys fegggg

>> No.12402363

>marxist ideals first spawned (liberte, egalite, fraternite)

typical uneducated leaver

>To have our island flooded with shitskins which eliminate our genetic legacy by spawning mystery meat untermensch?

First of all, people you're referring will continue to come and you're an absolute brainlet if you think the immigration will be stopped. It's the Eastern Europeans, who will find it more difficult to get in the UK now.

>why are all the marxist 'philosophers' from Parisian circles?)
>muh marxist
>muh marxist

you keep repeating this word creating an impression that you don't really know what marxism is, just automatically attributing it to everything you dislike. But again, you're a leaver, so i'm not surprised.


t. group of discord pajeets with '1 post by this ID' shilling yet another scam on /biz/

>> No.12402397

yo chill man, its bait

>> No.12402771


The number of times I have heard NPC millennials with their 2.1 degrees think they're smart and original talking about buying dollars to avoid fallout from Brexit... if it's that obvious to these geniuses that leaving the EU is going to be bad for GBP then it's already priced in and has been for fucking ages

In other news

>> No.12402809

No. When buying (physical) gold you can get ripped off on fees. Not really worth it for small amounts.

>> No.12403172

Delete this anon before they all gone

>> No.12403486

during the inevitable depression?

>> No.12403564

>It's the Eastern Europeans, who will find it more difficult to get in the UK now.

why would you kick out the ones who actually work?

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