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I love COSS but hate pajeets. What now?

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stop hating yourself and sell your bags

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Well, think of it this way. If you have an IQ beyond a certain level pajeet shilling is an annoyance, but also a tool. Just quietly accumulate and let them do the work for you when they scream from the rafters and spam their reflinks everywhere.

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$2 in 2019?

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Beyond its ATH of $3.50 based on ROI alone. It’s currently worth 50 cents based on that measure with 5 mil volume.

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Are you going to hold for FSA or sell at a certain point? Trying to decide myself.

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I’ll be compounding my holdings as quickly as possible so long as we’re in a bear market and the token value is below it’s true current value based on ROI. I’ll be holding LINK and CFT though.

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Looking forward to when they enable FSA again and that option to convert all the shitcoins into CFT or ETH. According to their medium, it's in a few days I guess.

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Just buy nex if you want a dividend token for an exchange that will actually get volume

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