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What will financially hurt (((them))) more?
>Paying off all debt
>making minimum payments on everything and going all in on crypto

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Starting your own bank. But since you're a sperg on 4chan I doubt you'll do that.

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I'm doing the second. If crypto fails and I go broke, what are they gonna do?

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i think paying off all debt isn't really smart right now

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You are a poor brainlet if you hate debt. If you actually have capital, you can borrow against it to leverage yourself into productive assets, allowing you to contribute absolutely nothing to society besides money and get richer doing so. The Jewish financial engineers have opened a wonderful door where capital is treated as a productive asset and if you are smart you will save as much as possible for years and put that money to work for you, compounding gains as much as you can for an easy retirement. And lets not forget that the US jewed the rest of the world into giving us the reserve currency, which gives us tremendous financial muscle and is largely responsible for our position at the top of the world. Stay poor and stay salty my friend

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>>making minimum payments on everything and going all in on crypto

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I transferred everything to a promo credit card zero interest for one year zero transfer fees instead of paying it. Even if I wasn't in crypto I don't see the point, you ain't gonna beat inflation with this money printing going on

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ok shlomo

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yeah who would do that r-right haha

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Maxing out all credit cards to buy silver and bitcoin

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I fucking love this green gremlin guy you guys post in all your thread pictures.

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Spend 7 years cultivating perfect credit then max out everything and default

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>inb4 nobody listens because they woke against jews
Jews are GOOD at making money you fucks. Stay poor then paying interest to my uncle. Kek

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>hurting someone who owns money printers

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Welcome to 4chan.

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>green gremlin guy
Anon, I...

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What a based and Pepepilled image

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Here's another just for you Anon

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damn nice, surprised I haven't seen that one before

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