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I'm getting BAT vibes about this one

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No baters on suicide watch

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take profit, this shitcoin will fully retrace like it always does

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Every time I even consider taking profits it just pumps further.

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>salty no-BATters lurking in the shadows, waiting for BAT to dump
>hiding and waiting to pop their heads out with the "m-muh browser token" and "pay-to-surf funding token!!!" posts

Amusing how obsessed some /biz/raelis are with a token they don't even own.

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I wonder where advertising anon is? He's always quick to jump into any BAT thread to talk shit, but he's been missing the last couple days it's been pumping.


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holy shit thank god i didnt sell at 5k like i was planning to. FUCK IM GETTING EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED AND CANT SELL

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Bat will terrace until a codified web 3.0 framework is massively adopted and then its hitting $10

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I will consider selling BAT when it enters TOP10.

Before that it is too much gambling.

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This maymay has run its course. Sorry :|

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A..anon I...


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They are either prl/opacity shills or google cucks. Who else has that much energy to spend in these threads every single day?

Obvious motive is obvious

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How are PRL/SHL holder still alive? Also its probably every other "currency" that knows that BAT presents a serious threat to their usecase. Its already over for them, they just don't know it.

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30 cents was top, already dropping. back to 20 cents we go!

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Hopefully 11 cents. I want more.

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What are you guys smoking?

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Listen to this anon. BAT is a long term hold.

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It was struggling to break 6k two days ago. Yesterday it couldn't stay above 6200 sats. Today its at 7000 sats.

Higher highs, higher lows anon.You know what that means.

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Brave gets even more hate outside of /biz than it does here. It's probably more despised than any other crypto project. Is that all prl and google shills as well?

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Anon you're clearly out of touch. BCH gets a ton of hate, far more than most. I'd say it's either XRP or BCH that's the most hated.

The reasoning is simple: faggots can't stand seeing others succeed where they failed. It's a natural, if somewhat bitch-made reaction.

Your token will get it's time in the sun buddy. It's just not today.

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Nobody outside of the blockchain world has even heard of bch or xrp. People know about Brave because of their retarded practice of taking donations for people without their consent and blocking ads unless you give a cut to Brave.

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Yeah I read that twitter conversation too anon. My boy Eich made that guy like the giant faggot that he was. You're not fooling anyone with this bullshit.

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i just fomoed my entire life savings into this piece. you guys better be right.

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Incoming new Web3 standard. This is about to be a huge shift in internet monetization. On top of ad disruption BAT solves the YouTube, Twitch, Patreon every website's monetization problem. we're talking a market cap in the 100s of Billions. A trillion is even possible down the line.

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I recognize you, why are you so against this meme?

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The only people that hat BAT/Brave is the gay mafia, bitcoin fags, and google cucks or people who have middleware ad fraud businesses. They are a very small vocal minority, and most people recognize them as bitter faggots.

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I'm not at all. But we need to come up with a new one to feed the FUDD'rs. I really liked it too, don't get me wrong. But the time is come to move on from the open mouther's if you know what I mean. Who's got the open mouth BAT guy? I miss him.

Also biz is truly dead, this place is getting 10k unique hits a day tops. We at the bottom son.

> easy to spot

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Probably same monkeys ITT that were saying it would crash at 6000 sats yesterday.

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