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>29¢ until we die Edition
>go download the Brave browser right now you retard Subedition

Feel free to FUD this PIECE OF SHIT here. Brave continues to increase in Monthly Active Users and Publishers. BAT is going sideways ad infinitum. Brave Beta + Brave Dev have BAT Ads now, check that shit out to go earn some BAT. Also the BAT grants happened recently, hope you collected your free 60+ BAT.


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Bump with a useful post about BAT price and price prediction on the subplebbit. It's pretty retarded but still interesting to think about and speculate.


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Not retarded at all.
>$22.50 by 2023
>Safest x100 in crypto
>Fill your bags

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Do I help your bags if I use the Brave browser but never buy tokens? I don't think it's a great browser but my Chrome and Vivaldi are full of malware because I watch HUGE BOOBS VIDEOS

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>Do I help your bags if I use the Brave browser but never buy tokens?

I guess. Higher numbers using the Brave browser is optimistic for BAT in general. Brave has big plans for BAT's future use, it won't be tied down to BAT Ads.

>full of malware because I watch HUGE BOOBS VIDEOS

stop watching porn you degenerate

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>he doesn't like boobs

Boobs are GOOD, redart!

Also I'm disappointed my Ace no Diamond me-me from last night didn't make it into the meme atlas. Come on, OP; you're supposed to be watching this board 24/7 in case someone posts something new.

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I'm not the memer Atlas dude, I just love his website

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Not doing to good right now.

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Na it had a massive pump and is holding its value. Up 3x from the beginning of the year and is pushing sideways with record volume. It's not keeping up with daddy BTC but it's certainly not looking terrible.

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BAT is so shit nobody even wants to discuss it, its not worth the time.

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The most effective ads Ive gotten sofar with Brave ads are sites that let me use my Metamask for their services immediately. I got an ad for airswap and immediately could buy some ENJ. I got an ad for a site that registers .ETH domains and claimed a few. No signups required. Brave + Metamask are the duo that will drive web 3.0

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>BAT is officially decoupled from BTC/ALTs

Not sure that's a good thing rn...



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>BAT is going sideways ad infinitum.
This is by design, they intend it to be fairly stable. It says as much on their website. Do people holding this think they're lying for some reason?

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Literally the opposite of the design. The entire BAT ecosystem is designed to reduce supply and drive up demand.
>finite amount of BAT to be distributed to growing number of advertisers/users
>slush fund to onboard new creators
>constant buying pressure to facilitate ad payments
BAT's market cap will always be the same as the market cap of the ads it is giving. Google's ad network is worth 111 Billion dollars. Just think on that for a while and extrapolate what the price would be if BAT got just 10% of google's current ad saturation.

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>Literally the opposite of the design. The entire BAT ecosystem is designed to reduce supply and drive up demand.
Are you saying their website is wrong?

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where on the website does it imply that BAT is supposed to be a stable coin? and given how the economics are set up how could that even come about?

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Its not decoupled you brainlet, the price action over the last 2 weeks confirms.

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Rude, but true. In either case every time I look BAT is down and everything else is up (at least today). I don't understand why the price of most ALTs seems to correlate so strongly with BTC anyway-BTC is a proof of concept that happens to have tens of thousands of people who bought the top and are holding heavy, heavy bags artificially inflating the value, the idea that people are still going out of their way to buy it despite its technical flaws is peculiar to me.

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The Ethereum 'environment' just needs to be functional and BTC will go the way of the Atari 2600. Brave is currently the proje ct bringing the most front end users onboard an ETH powered Web 3.

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That's cool. I've been pleasantly surprised by the ads, they've introduced some cool sites/apps to me so I'm excited to see how interesting they'll get going forward. Lots of possibilities for creative advertising when the ads are opt-in and unintrusive.

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Checked. BAT will be one of the few to make it.

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i was kicked out of the telegram group for posting pic related.

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damn, sorry to hear that anon. Maybe try posting it on the official forums instead?

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every fixed supply coin, including bitcoin, becomes a stable coin once the market is saturated

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that sounds like a good idea.

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I what has to fucking happen for the market to become saturated? Can you rub enough brain cells together to figure that the current price isn't what the price would be if BAT had 100% of the digital advertising market?

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When do Brave Ads roll out to everywhere? Haven't got one yet in Australia and been using this for weeks.

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Lid its 4channel, rudeness is customary. I told some little nigglet in a previous thread that it hasn't decoupled and faced hostility on the issue.

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Its region blocked atm
Sorry Straya

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>missed March and April grants
>ads aren’t being displayed anymore in Brave Dev
>mods are baffled by it too

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last i heard it works with VPN in one of those 5 countries, just not for me anymore lol

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got my 60 BAT grant, can't wait to deposit it and take mi familia out to a nice dinner in a few years

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They really should specify that in the browser, there's no way of knowing that without extensive research which is shitty.

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