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Are you serious about BAT yet?

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I'm seriously financially ruined thanks to this PIECE

...seriously though it's been a bit since some news, I'm surprised it hasn't dipped even further

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i think it will basically end up as primarily a porn token. it will allow anonymos tipping to cam girls.

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>implying every crypto worth >$1 hasn't been used as a porn tipping token
Guess its time to load up...

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There's like 1000 new holders everyday now. This is insane. No project has this kind of adoption.

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>saves as animated .gif
>uploads as .jpg

In all my years as a pc user I have to say It's absolutely outrageous how fucking bad iOS is. It seriously beggars description what a steaming pile of shit Apple users have had to deal with this entire time and I can't believe that I ended up with one of these abominations after all these years of wisely dismissing them as the normie trash they are. Somehow last year I came to the conclusion I may have been too hard Apple in my youth but apparently I wasn't hard on this gay shit enough.

You literally can't do anything substantive with these pieces of absolute fucking garbage-and you can barely do anything innocuous like store local media files or watch .webm files etc. Holy fuck I can't even believe people have been going out of their way to purchase these things for as long as they have AAAAAAAAAAA

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I will be into BAT when Brave pays me to phonepost

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Candles are pointing the wrong way but an otherwise accurate depiction of what it's like to hold BAT. Still use brave tho amazing mobile browser.

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Yeah, I have no fucking clue why NPCs love these butterknife computers.
That being said, you should probably ditch it at a loss and buy a shitty android tablet - it'd still be better than what you're using now.

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Better buy before that option is available, anon.
As soon as phoneposting becomes BATable, this piece is going to explode

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you guys do realize brave browser is already available for ios and android right?

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Some people don't know what a webm is and just want to walk through the app store walled garden.

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Yes, but the mobile app wallet isn't integrated into this PIECE yet
Most people do their browsing on phones these days, anon

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How do you know so much about normies??!?

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worst take I've ever heard about BAT

Recently saw a post on /r/cryptocurrency where the OP claimed to have made $20 from BAT Ads but in reality like 60 BAT was from the grant, people were crying and throwing tantrums and claiming Brave/BAT are the equivalent of Bitconnect lmao.

So many fucking brainlets in this space that can't possibly wrap their heads around BAT. They all are so obsessed and butthurt about their coins that they can't comprehend a token with a working product behind it.


I love how even the butthurt moderators had to pin their little "MISLEADING TITLE!" to the post because they all hold some fucking shitcoin with -99% ROI.

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I have studied them.

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It's a shame, too, I like the Brave Android Browser. I got it just for BAT and lo, nothing yet.

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The phone wallet is in beta. To enable it go to 'chrome://flags' and search rewards and then enable. When that PIECE goes live, that's 4ish million new people exposed to BAT.

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r/CryptoCurrency is literally full of pajeets/brainlet/thieves.

There was some faggot on there that made a bet with another faggot (for $) that BTC would never dip under $5000. He made a big public show show about it too. Well of course he fuckin' lost and then when it came time to pay up he straight up disappeared. Giant fuckin faggots the lot of em.

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Yeah no surprise there at all. It's all idiots trying to neg other idiots into buying their heavy as fuck bags. At least on 4chan the shilling is anonymous and threads are constantly pushed off the front page so you're not staring at some dipshits "m-muh shitcoin isn't vaporware, here's why" thread for longer than a single page refresh.

I really, really want a sort of 4chan app/site that allows anonymous BAT donations to posts but I'm way too much of a brainlet to ever create it. Also don't think it's possible quite yet, but I know Brave is already looking into Reddit and Twitter BAT tipping.

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I was thinking this same thing. Don't steal my idea,

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It has been enabled, you are a true fren anon. Bless your heart.

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we were doing some math in the telegram group (before i got kicked out) and what we came up with was basically this:

365B total internet ad market
20% of that is like 115B or something
So if BAT can capture just 20% of that market it's price should be somewhere around $74 per BAT.

It ain't no Bitcoin but still. If you buy enough now you will be hansomely rewarded within the coming years.

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4chan gets 20% of my auto contributes. I imagine other BAT bros dish out a good bit as well. Brave will solve the profitability issue of so many websites. How can anyone not see how huge this is.

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Everyone who falls into this pajeet browser plug in token is a moron.

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This is what every idiot says before they use Brave. Then they use Brave and they're like "Well Brave is good but BAT is a useless funding token!"

Then they get spoonfed a little bit more and do their own research and finally realize they're retarded and that BAT is the future.

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