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Tipping wallet was released on Android today, millions of new Brave mobile users got exposed to BAT for the first time; this is only the beginning.

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There are people that are still not loading up before $10 BAT

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Mega moon

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PIECE OF SHIT guys been quiet lately

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I absolutely fucking love the constant state of denial over BAT/Brave on this board full of retarded pajeets. If in some clownworld universe BAT goes to $5-10, /biz/ will still be puking out the same regurgitated bullshit "it's a funding token! it's unnecessary!"

/biz/ refuses to acknowledge this cryptocurrency. It's a potentially huge cryptucurrency success story staring them straight in the face, but the board is full of emotional investors who just don't want to admit they were wrong about something. Fucking faggots missing out on something huge because they want to cry about how they don't like it and it hurts their feelings that they got BAT all wrong.

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My body is ready.

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I'll keep enjoying one of only 3-4 nonshit coins going up constantly these days, keep losing Biz.

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Its seriously happening. The future of the internet, I'm a BAT bro now all in

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Once BAT gets to iPhone and Desktop, and once Brave allows users to purchase BAT within the browser, I'm legit going to be buying this shit and handing it out like candy to content creators.

Could even have contests on this board to award posters with BAT if someone creates some kind of dApp for it or a 4chan BAT extension.

Shit's going to the moon.

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BAT makes most of the tokens on here obsolete. I guess rebalancing a portfolio is too hard though. Its much easier to fud the same few messages each day with zero effect

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i haven't even thought about that buy your right. coins like stellar are redundant now. once the bidirectional wallet comes to brave you can just send BAT to whoever you want. lol. so much for the remittance coins. XLM XRP all that shit is going to ZERO.

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Store of value coins also could be in trouble. Everyone will have equal opportunity to earn BAT, and by design the supply will spread out & saturate as it's used.
Compare that to Bitcorn where it's earned through expensive mining rigs and heavily controlled by whales playing a game of chicken against each other, occasionally it forks so that those who are rich with it already get free money to exert more control over the market.

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when do we break 10k?

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Coin maximalists know this. Its the reason why they fight with BAT so much on twitter. Common phrases like "why not use bitcoin" "why not wait until the lightning network is ready" "why even use a cryptocurrency"

They understand BAT is a huge threat. Their token designs are a top down approach rather than a bottom up. Fighting over things like blocksize or consensus mechanisms rather than the main focus which is the user.

Expect to see more and more push back as brave hits new milestones.

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loaded up at .18 as far as i can fucking go
BAT is already on desktop

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i just wonder what google is going to do about BAT/Brave. its threatening the bulk of how google makes their money but maybe thats why theyre branching out into muh video game streaming because they know their day of reckoning is coming for their datamining and harvesting.

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I like this meme

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Pamp et.

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Theres not much they can do. You can't just sit in the catbird seat forever.

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Browser is nice. The token is worthless

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>token is worthless
Get this hothead outta here.

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you people will literally be offing yourselves in the next few months. it's gonna be even worse than the people that sold BTC in 2011 for peanuts. i'm talking mass suicides. people throwing themselves out of windows. you will see.

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Brave being built on Chromium very much limits what Google can do covertly to try attack, they sabotage Firefox by throttling it's speed on sites they control for example. They could delist Brave from the Android store, but that'd cause a streisand effect in retaliation at this point.
Google diversifying into gaming could backfire bigtime also. Hardcore gamers can be the pickiest people on the planet, and casuals aren't as likely to buy the product at launch. If everything isn't perfect they will fail, and just have another money sink.

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Sure thing, Bucko.

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its one thing to miss out on something like bitcoin because you briefly heard about it. Its another to actively be spreading lies about BAT or stirring up gossip when you have the ability to become an advocate and early adopter.

Just imagine knowing you could have made life changing money, but instead you ran an autism campaign on 4chan and anytime you look at someones laptop you see that haunting logo of what could have been. Would be suicide inducing walking around seeing that logo everywhere or browsing a site that wants a tip for premium content.

I certainly dont feel like i need suicide insurance for a coin like NEO or Nano, but with BAT its basically a priority. I would feel much more comfy buying a couple thousand dollars worth and shutting my mouth.

Hopefully some of these anons make the right choice.

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it's worth 3 times more than when i bought it.

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i don't think you understand the gravity of your situation. either that or you are some rich boomer who already made it and doesn't care about making it anymore. if you aren't that guy then you better wake up because this is it. this is your last chance. there wont be another way out of slavery after this. unless yang gets elected but those are shitty odds at best.

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Don't even joke about that fella

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Its kills the use case of most other coins and tokens. That's why biz hate's it.

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this is fucking hilarious

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I can become a BAT advocate if I get a BAT salary, how do I get hired?

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>tfw only 7500 BAT
Am I still gonna make it bros?

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Right here Fren;

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Problem is that the price always tops out at 0.40 then dumps. But I'll buy the dump, even if it means 0.30.

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Yes, but it's not too late to buy more.

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I want a salary for shilling, this is crap.

(or can I make money if I download and install Brave in VMs with TOR?)

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>and uses the browser for at least 30 days.
Ok forget this shit.

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when it goes to $10 youll have 75,000. thats more than plenty to get a nice jump start on unfucking yourl ife.

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its generally well agreed that the desktop browser is entirely average, but the phone browser is god tier. phone browser is the easiest way to play youtube vids with screen off. little things.

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i greatly prefer the desktop version of brave over firefox which i have been using since 2006. the http to https conversion is what really got me especially on this piece of shit site. all of my conversions so far have come from this piece of shit site. i also like the fingerprinting blocking and brave seems to do a better job of blocking ads and trackers than any other extension or plugin

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i have a phone with a few apps required by my company, and those apps cant be used if the phones jailbroken. outlook is one of them. so i cant install a decent adblocker, but brave works fine instead.

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Yeah man. I'm sure this shittoken will surely lift you out of poverty. Dem normies are coming to bid up the price a token nobody outside of speculators care about. At best your going to get poos grinding ads for BAT to dump on the market. Everyone else including myself are using Brave and don't give a singular shit about the token. I'll stick with actual crypto with PoW.

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Strange, Nano has had a tipping wallet extension for Chrome for a while now. I wonder what use case BAT really has when a coin even more ubiquitous than BTC can do the same thing, and even more? Works for Breve and Chrome.


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maybe its the fact that BAT, unlike NANO, wasn't involved in a exit scam and subsequently lost 99% of it's value? Just a thought.

>get out faggot

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>At best your going to get poos grinding ads for BAT to dump on the market
except there are safeguards put in place to stop that from happening you fucking mong. if BAT is such a trash coin why are publishers like LA times and washington post already fucking verified? why is first we feast a 5.7 mill YT creator fucking verified?

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>muh digital gold!!!

lmao, theres always a motive

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it's like Ethereum all over again in 2014

definitely looking like a long hodl

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About to do a $40k market buy on binance.

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Using brave for 2 years finally

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I've been on vacation. PIECE OF SHIT posting will resume its regular schedule in a few days.

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This is what a pretyped samefag thread looks like shilling a useless shitcoin so they can dump their bags on you

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BAT's one of the least shilled cryptos on /biz/. If you're too fucking stupid to discern the difference between a discord shill thread and a legitimate "Hey, here's a tip, you should DYOR and look into this crypto" thread, then I guarantee you're too stupid to make money in this market.

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sounds like something a samefag would say

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Why even waste your time? BAT is the most normie shitcoin in existence. Crying bitch tears about it here where no normie dares tread is dumb.

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>if BAT is such a trash coin why are publishers like LA times and washington post
Am I being baited? Lol yikes. I didn't mean poos exploiting, faggot. I meant literally they will grind using the system. Jfc

>digital gold
Corecucks get the bullet too.

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I open my browser and see this :) How do I get the money out?

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That's a grant. You can't get that money, only donate it to bat verified sites and YouTube channels and whatever.

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You dont. It's a grant to use within the browser, not free money for you to withdraw. Pajeets already tried feeding bat to themselves through websites. Didn't work.

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Cough y-y-yeh didn't work alright

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All crypto is random. Pumps happen for almost no reason. Stop pretending you're smart for buying a pile of monopoly money that's the same as gambling.

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Classic /biz/ fucking brainlet retard. Off yourself as soon as possible.

>cheating the system to earn a few hundred BAT

literally how poor are you, faggot? It's more worth your while to actually donate it to people that will shill it than send it to your poor pajeet ass lmao. I fucking hate /biz/ so much

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You're a bigger fool than I thought if you saw the talent behind BAT and said "nah this has no chance". BAT was always going to succeed, you're just a fool.

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So I can just donate to my own yt channel? Cool!

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enjoy getting banned from Brave rewards, hope it's worth the 60 BAT grant

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Kill yourself brainlet

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This is cool but why cant i move my tokens to the mobile wallet?

>swear im not a retart

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post stats

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Can someone please tell Hiro to become a verified publisher?

Might as well send my PIECES to this shithole instead of some random YouTube channel. He could probably also do things like sell 4chan passes for BATs in the future.

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I bought at like 22 cents, is it too late to buy more

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i did this with over 500 bat now you faggot cuck. no ban

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BAT's chart shows a clear cup-and-cup continuation pattern.

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It's going to be hilarious watching this bounce around in the penny range for years while the bag holders call people stupid for not getting how brilliant paying people to watch ads is.

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>not a retard
>asks a retard question

anon i got some news for you.

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SO DO I HOLD OR SELL NOW ????????????????????

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>swing trading BAT
Pretty dangerous fren.

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>phone browser is the easiest way to play youtube vids with screen off
how do you do this?

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if you want to take the chance of getting your account banned then yea i guess. it would be a dumb thing to do though considering you are basically screwing yourself out of potential thousands of dollars of future revenue.

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That feel when didn't buy at $0.19

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in settings. I love this feature. but too bad only 30k BATlet here.. not enough to make it

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Also pajeets better watch out. I'm an Android app developer and i can easily ban the entire country of india from accessing my app on the play store with a single click of a button. so if brave starts to see india as a problem it will be easy to solve.

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same problem
> waiting for cuckbase PRO deposit.
> goes up ten cents
should have used coinbase regular and payed the large fee for instant buy

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I only have 1k bat. Very poor. How well will I do?

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How about Facebook site? So far it shows pic. related. Would Facebook get the funds or the account?

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Not very x10 your holdings.
t. Sold 85% of my BAT holdings, left with 1.2k

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They encourage tipping to oneself.

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Facebook would get the funds, not the individual Facebook.

So far I believe individual YouTube and Twitch accounts can receive BAT, and they're working on individual Twitter accounts and Reddit accounts. No Facebook.

Yeah to test donations and see if publisher registration worked. I don't think Brave encourages sending hundreds of BAT to yourself from the UGP, that's not the point of the grants. People will learn, no big deal

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Not hundreds just "all your BAT tokens".

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