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And now?

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What do you mean?

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What's going to happen now?

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big dump incoming! brace lads

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Fuck ur bastard mother for making me look

Honestly not even mad, im going to cash myself out through youtube.

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Probably a dump. It's Linux only, right? Even if not there's a good chance it dips.

>I have 72.5k so it doesn't matter to me much either way but I would like to buy in more if possible

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Well basically this is the first building block for the platform. Users can now earn BAT on Brave by toggling BAT Ads "on".

There will loads of glitches and problems that the Brave team will need to smooth out over time, but essentially this first step could lead to more and more advertisers getting involved in Brave/BAT, as well as more users.

Once more advertisers start seeing Brave/BAT as a legitimate advertising platform, and more content creators start seeing BAT as a legitimate means to monetize, BAT will start seeing steady price increases because more people will want to get their hands on some.

This is how I see it, anyhow.

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The update isn’t live in every region yet, from what I can tell. But this is great news. Half these goons don’t realize how big this is.

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Yeah I'm realizing that not everybody can see BAT Ads yet, but I just got my first official BAT Ad. Fucking excited.

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I the meantime more users will onboard, and the BAT supply will begin to saturate among those who earn from ads and pay to creators. Watch the number of BAT wallets on Etherscan, it goes up constantly.

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It’s an ingenious ecosystem.

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> it's a spam tier crypto ad
I know you have start with the audience but it'd be nicer if they were proper brands.

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I have a lot of faith in BAT in the long run but im ready for a nuclear dump right now.

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I don't know, it was interesting to me. A lot of the ads are crypto-tier but they clearly have a limited supply of advertisers at the moment.

>it'd be nicer if they were proper brands.

100% agreed. Imagining what proper brands and marketers could do with this BAT advertising system is scary. The landing pages have insane possibilities.

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That won’t be happening. It will approach .50 at around 5pm EST and either keep going and correct to resistance levels and continue sideways movement

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Keep going or correct to resistance levels**

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There are better ad styles that still reach the crypto market. Think home food delivery, tech, videogames, brap photos etc. Just it really doesn't want to be known as a pajeet spam service or Chinese porn scams.

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It’s official

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>Vice, Home Chef, Ternio BlockCard, MyCrypto, and eToro are now supplying ads, in addition to BuySellAds, TAP Network, AirSwap, Fluidity, and Uphold

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No phone ads yet. Bummer.

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Interesting. I remember this has been tried before, ad blocking plugins that would then display ads and youd earn rewards for. But at the time the companys started opting out because the goofballs would click all the ads thinking theyd get more rewards.

Seems to be making a come back, as even twitch has convinced video advertisers to opt in to pay for twitch users to view ads and get twitch points to donate to their fav ecelebs.

Ive opted in tho I dont use Brave as my default browser, even now Im just on Chrome. I guess I need to switch.

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This idea is unironically retarted it is opt in and only promotes click farmers to watch ads all day across hundreds of devices to make more rupees than they can in their shitty existence.

This is gonna dump into the ground when people realize the click through is 100% jeets.

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For anyone here not seeing ads, go to control icon top right > scroll down and click 'about brave' check that you're updated to Version 0.63.48, if not click relaunch.

Make sure you change your ad settings to the max of 5 ads per hour to get the most BAT.

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Already going mainstream. This is gonna blow up very soon.


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"Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region."

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Yeah but the Brave team is already taking measures to prevent this, namely:

1) ads aren't available in India yet
2) Brave limits how many ads you can see an hours, with a maximum of 5 (selection is by "maximum", as in, if they detect something suspicious with fraud prevention you might see zero ads)
3) wallet is currently 1 dimensional so jeets wouldn't even be able to collect
4) fraud prevention measures by the Brave team

They're going to be super careful about fraud, because that's kind of the whole point of this new paradigm. Google Adsense is fucking RIFE with fraud, so the "THIS IS BAD BECAUSE FRAUD" critique is super fucking weak here because the current system is 99% fraudulent.

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Pajeet absolutely btfo

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The ads are region specific. If nobody wants to advertise in india, the pajeets will see no ads.

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congrats fellas

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>1) ads aren't available in India yet

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>browser thrives on ad blocking
>new update have ads
>sharesholders excited on the one thing this browser sets apart from other brosers now no more
Lamo get outplayed it's never going above $1

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So I got two ads in Brave now while browsing and I didn't get paid for viewing either of those ad websites. The fuck is going on?

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dammit file didnt upload

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just buy BAT if you want gains bruh

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Look at your estimated earnings

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Nevermind, I got 0.05 BAT for viewing one of them, which is valued at $0.02 in the browser. That makes 1 BAT = $1.00 yet it's only $0.43 for 1 BAT on Coinbase. What does this mean?

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It means I'm a fucking retard who can't do basic math. Ignore.

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I'd be apprehensive about buying today-the launch will likely be rocky which could spook investors. it could go down hard past support and provide a good base from which to accumulate

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>best ad blocker in the business
>now user gets to choose whether they would like to see ads or not
>if they decide to view them, even for a few hours, they get paid for doing so

use your brain, fucker

you don't instantly get the BAT, I think it records it on the Rewards page and then every so often pays out the BAT to your wallet

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That really won't happen, it's just going to be moving sideways at resistance levels.

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>you don't instantly get the BAT, I think it records it on the Rewards page and then every so often pays out the BAT to your wallet
When you get an ad, do you have to browse around the website for X amount of time or is it enough just to view the home page, scroll down, and be done with it?

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From what I've read, at the moment you don't even need to click on it for it to "count." The ad notification is enough.

In the future they might toy with the idea of getting more BAT for clicking/scrolling or whatever, but at the moment they can't do that. So you see the notification, and that's enough.

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This is accurate. I confirmed after accidentally hitting close on this notification and still got paid for it.

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We will do it bois?

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Dude, are you kidding? This is fucking massive. People don't even understand right now. It's ridiculous. This is fucking B I G.

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How long until someone writes a brave ad blocker so that I can collect my free internet money without being bothered by ads?

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That doesn't bode well for advertisers. I'm holding but as word of that gets out I'm anticipating a big dump that might not correct until a fix is implemented

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Well that particular ad just takes you to an actual website https://ethsimple.com/?b=4

I got it twice in a row.

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I read the explanation somewhere and it actually makes perfect sense. Something about ad impressions and not wanting to screw up the initial data on what users are seeing.

I'm sure there are lots of kinks to straighten out but it's a good start. A dump is inevitable at some point but BAT is holding steady for now, and as far as I can tell the BAT Ad roll out has been fairly smooth.

I'm happy with it.

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or just moves the ad into a virtual window, registering a view while you do your thing uninterrupted? Working on it right now.

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You can't do that because it would effectively break the ad rewards function. Rewards are kind of like an extension to Brave. You can write a blocker for an extension without them being incompatible.

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but i dont wanna watch ads for pennies, this is lame asf lmao i just dont wanna watch ads, ever. they aren't going to pay you worth your time

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It's climbing fast.

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so don't
you have options ya know

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What is it with you small-minded chumps? This isn't just about YOU getting paid for watching ads, you idiot. You're not thinking about the larger implications and why you invest in BAT as an asset.

Just so stupid.

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Then just use the ad blocker dude, it's still a good browser-it's all opt-in

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When dump, I wanted to get in since 19 cents

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What about kids who want to buy lootboxes and season passes to Fortnite? Big audience.

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exactly. how did Google become so massive? Ads + Fraud. People still don't know how big this is

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Be sure to allow ads in the settings aswell gois

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You're not going to see the kind of dump you're hoping for. I have total confidence this won't drop below resistance levels at this point. If it breaks .50 and corrects, it's going to be right back at .39-.40

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I want her to put a cock cage on me and make fun of my portfolio.

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I want Crypto Jennie to fall in love with me and be my wife

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>return on investment 162,68%
Is there a chance I'll make it if I buy now?

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Nah, you missed it.

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Depends. Do the math.
If it goes to $3 how much would you need?

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>fraud prevention measures by the Brave team
They emailed me warning to ban for creating a dummy website, creating a new user on my laptop multiple times, and sending the new user UGP rewards to my dummy site.

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I really wish i would have got in on this when i was contemplating at $0.30. One question though. Why would anyone WANT BAT ads? I assume you get paid a pittance per ad watched, so why would anybody opt in? I understand this is a little abstract for a question, but could this whole thing collapse if people just use the browser without ads? Thats what I do, and I cant be the only one. Not trying to FUD, genuinely curious.

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what's so funny about the file not uploading

>> No.13424686

Good question: as of now, think about how many people in the market actually use ad blockers/pay walls, etc.
Publishers don't want fraudulent clicks/impressions.
Users want relevant ads, and don't want paywalls, or no ads at all.
Content creators want to get their stuff seen.

It's a matter of markets, take Google, for example. Their ad market is bidding/auction.

Would you opt-in to see ads if you got paid $1?

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because adblocker is not sustainable. Already certain sites are denying access to people who have adblocker on.
BAT is a compromise that benefits all parties. It's sustainable and reasonable.

>> No.13424720


Okay, I really don't look at getting paid to view ads as the most important thing here, but is it really pittance if you make 84 BAT in a year and a year from now BAT is $5-$15?

The point is, you should be investing right this second so that all the 'pennies' you make from Brave get thrown on top of your pile.

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Yea, also I think folks on this board are underestimating how much time people spend online.

Remember the metric here: ATTENTION

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>One question though. Why would anyone WANT BAT ads?

I can only answer for myself. I have BAT Ads toggled on, and my reasoning is:

1) it's entirely unobtrusive and I hardly even get any ads
2) when I do get ads, it's generally for stuff I'm interested in
3) I know that I'm going to earn some BAT by having Ads on
4) The ads in general are actually well thought out and not spammy bullshit.

That's my experience so far. I don't think people quite realize how unobtrusive and easy-going this BAT Advertising system is. It's basically like an interactive ad platform where the browser is working with the user to curate your ad experience for the benefit of both worlds.

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>Banned in India
You obviously have no fucking idea how click farms or even the internet works.
This Anon has some extremely valid points and first worlders are not gonna watch ads for like 5 cents Max a day.
He is right this is all unironically retarted , the idea is flawed at it's core you cannot fix it with code.

>> No.13424802


Yeah, I mean quite frankly, I spend half my day on the internet. I'll have about 500+ BAT in a year.

>> No.13424807

Try using a VPN to watch Netflix in another country.
Google and Facebook are the culprits of Ad fraud here

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Yeah I'm thinking you pajeets are a little upset. You'll get BAT ads in a few year buddy, just be patient.

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Brave on mobile is lame. Firefox with add-ons is much better because websites don't see adblock.

>> No.13424844

Sold my BNB for BAT. Will I make it?

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How do I send this to binance and buy link?

>> No.13424875

Not gonna mention it's chrome copy-paste kek

>> No.13424876

Mac and windows as well as Linux. Not yet on iOS and Android.

>> No.13424882

I can see the shit on your skin and the gnarled black hairs eminating from your crusty lip from here.

>> No.13424891

>5cents per day.
I made 6cents by clicking 3 ads....yes clicking not watching. I instantly closed the window. I am totally fine with that if i get netflix for free every month from that.

>> No.13424896

Click farms use Tor and specify cloud provider endpoints for entry (same shit people in China have to do to bypass the great firewall), they do not pay for vpns or socks proxies that would eat into their bottom line. If brave blocked Tor their would be an outcry from the privacy community which is their target audience.
Any time delays do not matter as they just add it to their rotation of daily tasks across all their devices.

You "investors" have no idea how impossible to solve the click farm problem is.
Enjoy the dump when even these initial essentially donation advertisers start pulling their ads as they get no results paying pajeet click farms.

>> No.13424902

lmao nothing, because gooogle

>> No.13424904


Please, no one help this man..

>> No.13424907

You have no idea buddy. Do you have any idea what it would cost to run/pay for several residential IP VPN's for your pajeet click farms? It would far outstrip any potential profit from BAT fraud.

I'm very well acquainted with ad fraud and I'm almost tempted to create a huge blacklist of all public residential VPN IP's and hand that shit over to BRAVE if they don't already have it. Need to bring the hammer down on dirty scammer pajeets before they can even get started.

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I hope you guys have READ IT UP.

>> No.13424939

god damn pajeet, honestly, do you really think it's impossible to blacklist IP ranges? Certain IP range = no ads. Fucking solved.

>> No.13424944

Im as privacy focused as anyone and always use tor, even i2p sometimes. I would 100% understand if they blocked tor. It's a different type of privacy they are working on, one from targeted identifiable ads. I'd post with my smiling face next to every post if it ruined indians' lives.

>> No.13424952

>If brave blocked Tor their would be an outcry from the privacy community which is their target audience.
Wrong in so many ways

>> No.13424959

Convince me that 4chan shouldn't just range ban all of the indian subcontinent.

>> No.13424970

literally this. If it meant some god damn dirty pajeet and their family had to do an honest days work to feed their pajeet family I'd consent to having microphones and cameras placed all over the inside of my house.

smelly pajeets have had it too good for too long. it's time their lives get ruined.

>> No.13424974

If you think scheming third worlders won't connive a way to bypass the protection against click farms, then you are deluded.

>> No.13424987

You will find out that the worst shitposters ans spammers aren't even Indian, but fetal alcohol syndrome eastern European slavrats.

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>1) ads aren't available in India yet

>> No.13424995

>blocks your path

>> No.13424999

it's an arms race for sure. Several protections are in place to stop them, but the big gun will always be KYC. As soon as they submit their dirty pajeet ID to collect their 42 cents worth of BAT they get banned.

>> No.13425007

They're not even conniving. It's like ants finding a crack in a wall. It's a game of sheer numbers and failure of all other prospects or abilities. The only solution is unbelievable levels of gas.

>> No.13425017

Can a YouTuber make money off brave instead of a partnership and youtube ads?

>> No.13425023

>cloud provider endpoints
Yea, good luck with that

>> No.13425025


>> No.13425033

not yet.

>> No.13425034

Winner winner
You're getting it

>> No.13425035

Yeah, that's one of the main points of Brave is to serve as a sort of base-layer patreon.

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They already are.

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File: 83 KB, 640x1136, 0C5DA4DB-6A23-4C45-B512-C6EF55155757.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everything down except BAT once again

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The fact BAT isn't getting slaughtered too seems like a good sign but who knows.

>> No.13425269

How do I get BAT Ads? I'm not getting any.

>> No.13425341

Then they just don't serve ads to tor users then. Less bandwidth wasted on ads and less chance of fraud.

>> No.13425417

pamp soon bois

>> No.13425445

made about 9c on 4 ads, I clicked on them out of curiosity, don't know if that matters. Honestly I think this might be huge. I personally won't keep any of the ad money cause I feel like I've been ripping off content creators ever since I could remember but even if 2% of the population is like me this might take off. Plus, the mobile browser is great. I introduced my gf and friend to it on android and they both use if over chrome as well.

>> No.13425461
File: 145 KB, 1032x881, Screenshot from 2019-04-24 14:46:37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god dammit forgot pic. Also, if I could tip 4chan to bypass the post limit since I don't have 4chan pass or paywalls in general, this could unify accounts for tons of sites... I am starting to believe

>> No.13425560

This is the first coin where the value of the token is based on something concrete and not just pure market manipulation. Interesting to see what happens.

>> No.13426280

But this is not a problem unique to Brave but to all of ad tech.

The argument by Brendan is that since Brave evaluates ad metrics directly in the browser's C++ core, they'll have a lot more firepower to fight fraud than normal ad tech that has to do this via Javascript.

E.g. on mobile you could directly access gyroscope/accelerometer/touch/camera data to determine whether you're dealing with a real user, e.g. by feeding data through some local machine learing algo. Try do that with the browser's Javascript API.

>> No.13426340

Boomers might not get BAT, but zoomers will.

They'll now have something to donate to their favorite streamer without needing access to their parent's credit card.

>> No.13426453
File: 172 KB, 1600x1197, bat1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, another thing is that online advertising and content is changing. More and more people are using Twitch/Youtube/Instagram and these content creators need more beneficial ways to monetize. Patreon is too clunky and 3rd party, BAT is essentially a built-in donation system.

Game changing potential

>> No.13426741

I wish they would get rid of that "insufficient funds" nag message. it's supposed to be get paid to browse. not pay to browse...

>> No.13426952

not just 4chan. i think the internet should balkanize. there should be subscriber tiers for different countries but by default only the internet in your home country is available. that would kill 99% of scams and spam.

>> No.13427419


Bing fucking o, was waiting for someone to get this.

>> No.13427436

>Plus, the mobile browser is great.
It is. Saves a ton of battery life and data.

>> No.13427569

I want to tip 4chan 1 cent per post so I don't have to solve a captcha.

>> No.13427621


>tfw Australia is officially a pajeet country


>> No.13427706

The problem is that BAT currently doesn't allow adding a message to the tip. No zoomer is going to donate to any streamer if it doesn't get read during a live stream.

>> No.13427718

I seen some BAT team member state they were working on alerts that can be integrated for the zoom zooms eceleb shows.

>> No.13428138

Go on the BAT sub, they already said this capability would be available via the BAT SDK.

>> No.13429101

Whats the link to download it on a mAC

>> No.13429184


>> No.13429897


how can I get on being a publisher for bat ads?

>> No.13429907
File: 432 KB, 1920x1080, brendanhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right here fren.

>> No.13429918

Bat would be a great idea if it existed across all browsers

>> No.13430430

I was told it would pump because of this but it's only gone down in value. Why no hype?

>> No.13430461

>he gets it

it's paid to surf 2.0 and will be a short lived, highly exploited fad. incentivized advertising is literally the lowest form of advertising - nearly worthless to advertisers.

>> No.13430465
File: 176 KB, 1078x1097, Screenshot_20190424-220527_Coinbase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is honestly the biggest shitcoin scam disguised as a real project. Eich knows bitcoin would be better than the useless bat everyone will immediately sell. See yall back at 10 cents but dont get me wrong here.. Eich will undoubtedly pump it well past one dollar when the time is right and ios releases. Now is not the time for this shitcoin

>> No.13430479

lmao, dream on - google literally paid adblocker to unblock their ads. they successfully extorted google. bat is a joke by comparison and always will be. ad extension > new browser. nobody wants a new browser. and nobody wants to advertise to a bunch of tech nerds because they don't fucking buy anything

>> No.13430484

Sure thing dipshit.

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Hmm I'm quickly coming to realize that during American hours you seem to get a lot of pro-BAT, Brave positive reviews. Lots of positive activity during North American Central Time Zone, nice reviews of the browser and interesting but mostly upbeat critiques of Brave/BAT.

Then as soon as you get to around midnight, aka European/Pajeet hours, you get TONS of fucking BAT FUD and lots of hatred/vitriol towards Brave and BAT in general. >BAT Ads aren't available in our region reeeee bad project! Bad project!

WONDER WHY THIS COULD POSSIBLY BE? REALLY MAKES YOU THINK LMAO. As the OP of this thread I can clearly see the stark differences in posts/posting times. Pajeets/foreigners are a fucking scourge on the crypto space, I've just confirmed that.

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BAT needs more organic adoption for it to grow in value. Only nerds install browsers on their device; the market share is dominated by chrome and safari because they're hardware defaults just as IE dominated in the face of objectively superior competition for years. Nowadays the scales are tipped in favor of tablets and phones rather than computers too.



We could be looking at a cozy crab market until next year when Brave announces themselves as the default browser on the Razer phone 3

>> No.13430559

I sold my BNB for this shit on the promise of a pump. Fuck biz.

>> No.13430587

Understandable. Surely a rise in price would have been expected when it went live though, even if it was a bit of a shit launch that barely worked?
Good marketing though. You fooled me.

>> No.13430610

fuck off you filthy jeet, go kick cans

sell your BAT and never come back

>> No.13430619
File: 1.47 MB, 640x363, 64B6A34A-CF23-4C00-B11C-187EA74EDA17.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not supposed to buy the news bro. I once wrote that off as a boomer trading meme but it's true-the rumor hype is there but reality tends to be disappointing even if there's nothing inherently wrong with it. The launch for ads has been successful but if the browser can't breach 100 million concurrent users then BAT's value is not going to get off the ground floor.

>> No.13430624

I see chainlink and bat in gif

>> No.13430631

>have brave
>have and never will choose to view ads

This thing is going to the moon!

>> No.13430634
File: 508 KB, 758x766, Hibernation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I opted in the "watch ads" option under Brave Rewards. I've had the browser for months and have not seen a single ad. When do they show up or where do you go to watch them?

>> No.13430646

>spend entire life avoiding ads
>see posts like this explaining how get more ads

>> No.13430653

Cucked again!

>> No.13430686

>BAD HATS are live
More like bad hats lmao

>> No.13430690

The future of the internet is the future of crypto. Retarded shit like adsense will go away as well as "free" services. People will start paying a tenth of a cent for a Google search instead of having their data sold, which in reality costs more to the user than a few pennies each week. BAT is gay.

>> No.13430711

>deluded bagholders now support kyc for ads

The absolute state

>> No.13430754

>posts 6 times in a row about disliking a coin

What is it about /biz/ that attracts the schizos

>> No.13430771

>board moves like old people fuck
>able to read and reply to an entire thread before anyone comes back to reply

How new are you?

>> No.13430794


>> No.13430842

You are fucking retarded. Companies already spend billions on advertising and a massive majority of the money is spent on people who wont buy what is advertised. The only difference is that the money is going to the user instead of the middleman. Instead of people not watching ads at all because they are annoying and those companies wasting billions. Those people will choose to watch ads for the pennies.

>> No.13430854

>Work remotely
>Click an ad and close a window every few minutes while working
>Make an extra buck a day
>30 bucks a month to pay for gym, streaming service of choice, etc.

Do you hate free money?

>> No.13430890

>worked for it
>free money

The high score is like 6c for like 4 ads in this thread.

>> No.13430920

Have you actually done this? How does it work?

>> No.13430950

Consider it free Netflix/Prime.

>> No.13431226

shut up retard bat dumped during american hours

>> No.13432022

How dumb are BATards. Google has the biggest search engine in the history of man behind their advertising scheme. Brave has like 1% of browser downloads. There's no large implications with BAT. The idea of paying poor people to watch ads is as old as the internet and is a failure.

>> No.13432024


>> No.13432236


Google is currently being bombarded with lawsuits and there is a growing concern about user privacy. Have you been living under a rock? The Google and Facebook model of centralizing petabytes of user data that is sold to the highest bidder or leaks out to shady 3rd parties is in serious jeopardy.

and it's not just "paying people to surf" it's about laying down the foundation of the Web3 infrastructure. Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, all have user monetization problems. Also no one wants to pull out thier credit card to access ever article/video paywall. A unit of monitized user attention BAT cuts through the myriad of middle men between creators/producers and web users.

>> No.13432447

ads are working great. i just saw an ad for eth domains and i clicked on it. this is the future. ads are relevant. brave knew i was looking for a domain name.

>> No.13432486

Normies are complaining that brave was great when it used to block ads now its advertising ads and they are going to another browser.

I don't think normies will ever catch on. They don't want any ads.

>> No.13432574
File: 18 KB, 460x374, 52E099D9-A94E-4FB1-855D-CFA06C246439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would normies be complaining about something they have to go out of their way to manually opt in to?

>> No.13432613

>BAT cuts through the myriad of middle men
>BAT literally just another middle man

>> No.13432617


You answered your own question. They won't ever opt in.

>> No.13432629

Brave pays people and content creators much better than the current model

>> No.13432799

they cant just conjure up fiat out of nowhere to pay creators. the token is the medium. it literally has to be there. how hard is that to understand?

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