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Volume getting juicy. Adoption and positive buzz in the air. Everybody comfy?

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It's impossible to take this guy seriously any more after last week's meltdown on twitter.

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Fuck off you parasite.

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twitter meltdowns are GOOD, redart!

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He called a spade a spade. Gab claims to be against big G so by rights they should be on the same side and could work together; instead Andrew Torbes decided to prioritize being a Bitcoin Maximalist first and made a move against BAT.

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I'm comfy, as soon as I start wage-cucking again I'll continue loading my bag.

Eager to see what's going to happen with this TAP partnership. Also hope Brave can strike some kind of deal with WSJ concerning their paywalls, that'd be dope.

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I’m getting nervous; I only have 12k bat; should I sell my 500 wan, $100 worth of LTO and Chx as well as 25 GVT and 450 iexec for BAT?

Any advice is very welcomed; I want to hold more bat and I’m trying to figure out what to keep suicide bags of and what to release into bat.

Also holding 45 bnb

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ETH 2017 vibes all over this one

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I’ll start buying at 3500 sats when tether implodes next month.

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Have to admit, one thing I'm pretty excited about is seeing all these Brave/BAT threads pop up on /biz/ now.

Even the retarded FUD threads and GAB threads are good because they draw attention to Brave and BAT and people have legit discussions that usually end with even the FUDders admitting that they use Brave and really like it. People are coming on board slowly and if /biz/ retards can slowly begin to grasp BAT, I imagine anyone can.

When you start seeing copycats ("imitation is the sincerest form of flattery") and people going out of their way to rage about your cryptocurrency (which 90% of the time boils down to /biz/ being ignorant), you just get a strong feeling that adoption is taking off.

People are talking. Marketing is coming. This shit's about to take off in the next year.

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I bought ETH at $12. I'm getting the same vibes with BAT.

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bought 1400 eth at $6. BAT was the next logical choice considering it never pumped with the rest of the market and adoption was rapidly increasing

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