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and have not switched to Brave browser then you're a fucking idiot and deserve to be stupid and poor.
Brave is pretty much the same as Chrome but you get paid for surfing the Web.
I just imported my bookmarks from Chrome and now just use Brave for surfing

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Cany withdraw bat tokens from the browser. What a piece of shit

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brave has far more memory leaks than chrome. and that is actually hilarious because chrome memory leaks are notoriously bad. I have received about $15 between my phone and browser tho which is pretty neat.

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I get serious ETH vibes from Brave, feels like late 2016.
I hope I'm right.

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Reportedly it's in the works.

I'm guessing they don't want people to cut and run, they want to build up a user base to sell to advertisers.

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>Why can't I withdraw! WHY? Give me my money! SCAM! SCAM!

What's the deai with all these /biz/ posters obsessing over withdrawing such a tiny amount of money? Are you all such hyperpoor megaplebs?

Just keep the default and let if flow to the creators of whatever website/YouTube channel/Twitch streamer etc. you spend your online time with. Do you think they're not worth a little bit of payback? If they're worthy of your time, aren't they worthy of a little bit of your money as well? If not, then doesn't mean that your time is worthless?

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Pajeets trying to cash out their BAT grants.

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ahhh, expecting a big hack then?

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Now that the project is live and works complaining about withdrawals is the next stage of fud. After that it will be over the KYC involved.

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>Giving hiroshim00t your gains

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How do i earn this as an Australian I haven't made any brave despite maximum adds :(

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Sure, why not? This shithole is probably still a money sink. If it helps keeping it alive, against all the mainstream hacks and normies that would celebrate it going away, I'd gladly send a few his way now and then.

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BAT is done. What else is there to look forward to? Big woop they finally got ads rewards after 10000 delays. What next? Nothing will pump the price again. and I bet those BAT growth stats are fake. Anyone can make charts showing bullshit.

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literal brainlet detected

>facebook is live now and has 2 million college emails. Whats left?

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huh? I've just set my shitty youtube channel up with 1 video and registered myself as a Brave publisher.

I have ~£66 in my Uphold wallet now. You just tip your own channel, why are you such a dumb nigger? You'll never make it.

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Lol, you don't even need to shill Bat. It's literally is destined to go to $100.

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How do you even get BAT? I have started using it since a week ago and nothing.

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BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this. Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1

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we needed that in image form thanks

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get the fuck outta here. FUD is getting better though so nice work.

> muh memory leaks
> muh memset

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> checked

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hmm wonder who's behind this post

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Got an ad for TAP/Hooch about Cinco de Mayo, basically an offer for a free tequila drink if I do some convoluted shit. Was definitely interesting, we'll see where this TAP partnership leads but they could potentially put some cool offers together.

Brave/BAT is only going to get more exciting going forward. More and more people are catching on.

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I only use Brave because it runs 10x better than chrome somehow on my 10 year old netbook....the getting paid in a coin that hopefully moons is a nice extra though

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Running Brave for a second day now. It's very stable and quick and the Brave ads are unobtrusive. Brave will be my main browser from now on instead of Chrome with an adblocker.

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i'm running brave on windows and looks like there's a bug where windows users not getting ads notifications but still getting rewarded. schwing

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You probably have windows notifications off.

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My only complaint is the other day I loaded Brave up, it insta crashed and wiped out my multi tab browsing history.

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Been using Brave for months but it has some annoying glitches.

On mobile I swear I have to play the Captcha Game like 20 fucking times to make a post here.

On desktop, random sites have reduced functionality. Some don't work at all. IE - d.tube... not a single video will show up for me when using Brave. If I hop over to Chrome it's fine. *shrug*

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This. Brave actually sucks depending on which websites you frequent.

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only site ive encountered it doesnt work entirely on is investopedia.

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>you get paid for surfing the Web.
No, you get paid a few pennies to watch a ad.

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captcha is googles fault. they're having a hard time fingerprinting you so they keep thinking you're up to something shady.

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>if you're not using Brave you deserve to be poor

$7 a month isn't going to make me wealthy Rajesh. I know this is wealth to you but I live in a different world to you, a better world.

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>paid to watch ads
you get paid when the notification pops up you troglodyte. There's no "watching" to be done.

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If there's no ATTENTION via WATCHING then what the fuck do you think an advertisement is? Do you even comprehend what you're shilling?

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Also have to point out it's extremely easy to earn at least one BAT per day when using Brave. At the current BAT price that's the same profit as mining with an RTX 2070. It makes no sense not to run Brave and earn some free crypto.

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Am a youtuber. How do I get those sweet bat tips?

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shut the fuck up you pedantic faggot. You know damn well what i mean you piece of shit nigger.

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Would you guys like to cash out you brave gains trought paypal or some short at a 3% rate donating to my site? I could make a service

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stop trying to scam the only working crypto project you fucking filthy pajeet scum. I will rat you out to Brendan.

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so far ive only donated to how to basic. be like him i suppose

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Here you go youtube Fren.

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you should have agreed then gotten his details then ratted him out to brendan you fucking absolute mong.

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