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Firefox literally just nuked their entire browser, pissing off everybody who uses it into a seething fit of rage. If they don't fix this fast, their entire company is finished. Redpill me on Brave browser and BAT. Is it a good switch?

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What does 'literally nuked their browser' mean?
There's no more Firefox browser? Be less vague, faggot!

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Search Firefox, sort by new
Go to twitter, type in firefox
Read comments on tweets.

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brave sucks all browsers suck i use dos

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use a chromium fork with googleshit removed

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I don't care about earning $50 worth of BAT during a year of browsing, but Brave is definitely the best browser. Especially on Android. Way faster and uses way less battery.

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This. Saves a lot of data too.

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I'm using brave on a six year old samsung phone that has 50 tabs open and never stutters. $8 of BAT I can cash out to myself. Also no ads and many HTTPs upgrades. Brave is like google chrome used to be. I think satoshi himself made it.

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If you actually care about privacy you want Ungoogled Chromium. Brave is fine otherwise.

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>falling for the chromium jew

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Brave is the best mobile browser you can get atm. I tried other browsers and they all fucking suck.

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>Brave is the best mobile browser you can get atm. I tried other browsers and they all fucking suck
Literally this. No other mobile browser I've used has a built-in adblocker so listening to music on (((YouTube))) during work without any ads at all is maximum comfy

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whats the tldr faggot
nobody wants to read all the autistic screeching

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What happened with Firefox?

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It's really cool how Brave mines one BAT per day without having to do anything

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I just googled it
They apparently disabled all add-ons

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Brave's legit and BAT is a nice added bonus.

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and somehow it's able to keep playing even if you turn off the screen. can't believe after all these years we finally FINALLY get a decent mobile browser that isn't nerfed by JOOgle

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I am not having the problem but it's a pretty shameful mistake.

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brave uses TOR for private browsing mong

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this is after 2 weeks of steadily using brave

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wrong. also OP is full of shit too.

firefox has not disabled add-ons they have disabled add-ons that wont provide their source code for analysis, the reason being to prevent malicious add-ons.

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no honestly i constantly have problems with Brave, like seriously shitty bugs. but i have similar problems with other browsers too.

the blackpill is that every browser is shit

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You're also wrong. It's just a temporary bug

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the blackpill is that your computer is a piece of shit or that you dont know how to maintain a PC. ive never had problems with any browser even way back in firefox 1.0

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Firefox (and its forks) is the best as far I can tell. Chrome is good but who wants to use spyware? Brave I've tried it some time ago and it was riddled with bugs and there's no way I am starting to watch ads for 10usd a month.

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the ads come up during your normal browsing and you can choose to decline them. and try brave again now you retard

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It’s a meme.

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>Firefox literally just nuked their entire browser
lol what did SJWozilla do now?

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I have Brave on my phone and tablet since ages and no complains. And recently I got 15 BAT for free.
Also works like a charm on my laptops now.

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>pissing off everybody who uses it
man it feels good to use linux and be quarantined from the worlds stupidity

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being anti-gay makes you an sjw now?


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I can't stand the trannies and air headed women at Mozilla any more.


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No. Eich was fired for being anti-gay marriage. Not even anti-gay but i guess not supporting marriage has now gone from personal choice to unacceptable bigotry.

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Chrome works best

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*Ungoogled Chromium

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>using fireshit in the current year
Why the fuck would people use Fireshit when it's slower, less standards-compliant, more resource-intensive, and has fewer extensions for it than Chrome?
Maybe don't be a fucking paedophile then?

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>okay browser, still hase issues
>good ad block lately too strong in disableing
>older version gave more options :(
>no more clear history on close ;(
>other stuff
It is a good browser but they lately fucked it desu.

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YOU are the brainlet
If you use chrome over brave

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Chrome is a piece of shit spyware browser for slaves. 1 millisecond faster page rendering or 1 MB less ram usage is not worth the cost.

Anyone know if Brave will support flash after 2020? I'll switch from Firefox if they do.

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i use google ultron

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>Maybe don't be a fucking paedophile then?
I just use my own custom-made browser which is a combination of Brave+Puffin instead

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Why would I use Brendan Eich's autistic shit? Chrome has been the best browser for like a decade at this point. I already use uBlock Origin for ad blocking. I don't see the point in using a fork by some tiny company. It's probably not going to have the same level of security as Chrome, made by one of the world's largest, best, and most highly scrutinised software companies. Also I read that Brave now supports "most" Chrome extensions but that's not all of them. It's entirely possible that down the line, some extensions will break, because they're not designed to be used with Brave. I see no reason to change. Chrome + uBlock Origin serves my needs fine.

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Only downside is sometimes you get a "Connection error" messages when trying to post on the chans

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It's even better on Mac because the ads close themselves after a few seconds. I don't know how to do it on Windows though.

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LMAO the conspiracy autism is real.

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- no bookmark sidebar (even with addons you can only get a small window due to its API restrictions)
- no isolated containers lol
- can't sync to your own servers

..into the trash

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I love it. Tried it last year and it was crap, tried again a couple of weeks ago and havent seen any advertisements since. Fast as fuck. You can import all your firefox stuff. Can reccomend.
Disclaimer: I dont own any bat

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>rejecting the best browser because of your autism

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That's what ur doign tho fgt

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why would you use a nightly build?

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Google owns you.

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to be honest, i woudln't want any of my employees publicly participating in any political debate or take a controversial stance with their real name. what they think and do under pseudonyms is not my problem.

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>tfw have jewtube red
>fucking DROPPED
In my defense, i chose red out of other streaming music services because quite frankly, you'll never beat YouTube's music library, wheras i always had issues with pandora or spotify not having licenses for certain artists here and there. YouTube red you can technically even stream normal video and just audio. Thanks for saying something.

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That's your fucking rebuttal?

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