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>More active users than literally any other coin in history
>Use case that actually makes sense
>Mining process that actually makes sense

Why don't I love this again?

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Because it's a useless shitcoin

>> No.14280217

what you said sounds nice but why isn't it mooning

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I am literally looking at this post on Brave right now.

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Literally less than 83 days left before alt trading comes to a close. Only coinbase alts will be left for discussion.

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It doesn’t move, the shit is like stuck to going up.

>> No.14281251

its building momentum

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sub 3k sats incoming get ready boyos

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BAT has nothing to do with making brave a good browser. this piece of shit coin has constantly lost sat value. im just fucking glad i sold at 8k sats and switched to monero at $85

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What top should I expect?
Think .50

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Libra will eat it alive

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>earn brave by getting ads displayed to you through brave browser
>availability of BAT determined by browser adoption
>BAT has nothing to do with making brave a good browser

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Bat so good but so high , i like legit project with nice dip to buy now maybe LTO

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this shit never moves. i hate stable coins. give me radical fluctuation, then we'll talk

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In less than 83 days nobody will be able to trade that. Only alts like 0x,BAT,MKR will be available

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This is the only project that has a product that could take on Libra.

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