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Why has this board devolved into almost pure filth?

Biz used to make me heaps of money and now I have to sift through all this shit to find those 1 or 2 good posts.

People keep shovelling LINK, PI, LIT, BRAP, VIDT, EVE, DAG, HOT, Even bit bean is back? what the actual fuck?

Didn't find any mentions of REN. There was one based anon who shilled WTC before the pump.

I don't want to be like the people who post low content shills. I don't want to go back to wagecucking. I want to get better at trading and make it.

Can anyone help an anon out and point me to a place where there might be decent discussion? Where can I find some good resources to research through?

To the based anons on /biz/ helping me make almost 400% in the last few months, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the muppets out there like the pic attached. I hope you will also do whatever is in your power to improve your situation.

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stop buying crap chasing pumps and dumps. Buy something that is scarce or compounds

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Nobody is going to spoon feed you. You have to sift through the dirt to find the gems.

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I have a significantly high risk profile or I'm just mentally retarded for chasing those pumps and dumps.

I will take heed of your advice though and will diversify a little bit more.


You're right and honestly I feel retarded for even asking the question now.

You anons find anything good on this board?

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unironically you are a faggot because alot of those coins are making anons lots of money

its easy to spot which projects are pump and dumps that are being shilled here on biz and its also easy to spot which projects are solid that are being shilled here

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>Uses the term shovelling when and even associating it with LINK
>I don't want to go back to wagecucking.

Found the conundrum.

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The worst part about “sitting through the dirt” is actually finding something fucking decent. Every person here is always shilling their coins making them out to be the second coming of Jesus. You can read tons of white papers and find hundreds of partnerships with big name companies and a coin will still not make any sort of market gains whatsoever.... while pump and dumps gets the most money, you have to be lucky and go all in to turn a decent profit.

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Link is what kept my sanity during the crypto winter, there's very little good quality posts about link, albiet more than the other coins


The problem with technicals and fundamentals is that I'm jaded by the fact that the implementation is a lot harder than what they can deliver.

Partnerships are the most bullshit in pumps and dumps and never ever mean shit unless you have direct investment in the tech

These types of coins I can't hold as I just don't believe they'll make me any money.

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Ok I forgive you and yes you are right there are not good posts but the less the better. This August-September will be big for chainlink.

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I appreciate the effort you put into this bait anon but you lost me here, keep it up

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What would you recommend?

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The board has always been filth and shilling you retard

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stopping the redit spacing faggot

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>pretends to be oldfag
>commits the worst redditfag spacing atrocity known to man

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The board has been corrupted by hordes of deluded stinkers

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>Spacing makes eyes burn
>doesn't know how to read and interpret /biz for information
>thinks we can't tell
Either go back or lurk for at least 12 more months before you try to start another post. You have no idea what you're doing.
Your fucking pic is even dogshit.

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Why did you steal my bitmex pic?
I am going to sue you fren.

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There's gems around. Always as it has been. Buy ETHPlode.

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Breh, get some ORN tokens if you get the chance. Research orion protocol.

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we evolved because TA has shown little use to us. Sure some may claimed they are master at it, but that isnt help us.

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The alt market has been readying itself for season. There are a few that are at some real lows where you can scoop up a nice stack. I've been watching MTH, it has a good entry point, and can get a 100k stack pretty cheap right now. I know people who dropped heavy loads at 530 sats. It's currently hovering 216-217 currently. After the weekend, I expect it to start going up around 400 range. Those are profits. DOGE might even be one to watch, binance listed it not to long ago and it's near its bottom. Potential gains. Same with CMT. These coins have potential for quick gains if that is your game. Stable coins are better for long holds, but not really any quick profits with little capital to invest

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>reddit spacing
>Biz used to make me heaps of money

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