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Listen here /biz/, if you take up this offer I will give you thousands in crypto. Instantly. No questions asked. But you must do something for me-- You willing? Let me know.

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You might be wondering what, well-- you have to go on a skype video call with my 34 year old virgin son and jack off for his amusement

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not putting a sharpie up my pooper sir

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based and sexploitationpilled

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u fucking serious? half the money first and you got your man

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Half first

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No, full payment after the session. To many retards running off after the call. Listen here, this kid-- he is 30+ year old 430 pound man with a micro penis and is severely retarded. You either do it or get the fuck out

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I'll pay him to watch me jack it

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how do i know you'll keep your word im not using one of your scammy escrows

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I guess you are going to have to trust me. If you dont, ill find someone else.

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good luck with that faggot LMAO

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Kek. This is gold.

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Your loss, homo.

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Post pic of your fat son with /biz/ timestamp. You can blur out his face.

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>trust some random faggot on a mongolian basket weaving, shitcoin gambling, tranny loving board
are you fucking kidding me bro
this one for starters

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put me in the screencap pls

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No face, this is the picture my son said I can use. Deal with it, or again go somewhere else.

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no one is that much of a degenerate nigger to go first. I'll hire a professional middle man if you'd like?

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>take the bait
>OP is this 34 y/o "son"
>laughs at you for falling for it, takes video of your dick
>he unironically gets off to it
>get sent 1000 ""crypto"" (CTO)
>thanks for the 5dollar, dude

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Holy fuck this is gonna happen and just like the sharpie incidents, no one is getting paid.

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my fucking sides

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Damn, Sergey has really let himself go

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This won't be a problem when LINK gets adoption. You could just open a smart contract

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My son is waiting. Any offers?

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how does the smart conctract know the fatass jerked off right and is happy with the 'session' ??

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What are you paying?

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Smart contacts are literally made for this purpose. Ask sergey

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Dude answer within a fucking minute you think I have time to wait for you?

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Post your wallet within the next minute.

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Im not playing fucking games here, you either strap your ass in and jack off for my son or I walk.

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this is the best thread in 2019

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Currently it would have to be connected to some sort of data input where his son inputs if he was satisfied or not, so unless the son lies the data will be verifably correct as it can be. In the future though presumably your integrated bioanalysis device will monitor your dopamine levels and once it crosses a certain threshold the reward will be payed out

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>integrated bioanalysis device
>becoming cyborgs connected to the internet is part of stinkies plan
over my cold, 100% biological body you maggots!

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Accept the future, transhumanism will lead humanity forward.

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never you kikes!

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I mean it can be a pill you take that uses bioelectrical film to monitor nuerochemical waste in your gut along with any other vital it wants in real time, then you can "stop anytime you want". Biosynthetic prosthetics are the future though and your gonna be the paranoid old man who is out of touch, your goal should be to get rich enough you can ensure they are uncompromised in as many ways as possible via investment capital into companies who comply.

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Can i wear a mask?

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You missed your fucking chance. I am out of here. You people are pussies and just lost out on 0.27BTC.

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That pic was posted on here a week ago, this was a larp.

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there is a line you never cross with tech. Connecting your body/mind to the internet is one

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I'm in. Email me. [email protected]

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post your wallet with biz timestamp or larp. This is how it is here because of so many of you larping fags in biz history not delivering

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No! Please stay! I'll do it!

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there are lines*

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That's the one line I wanna cross

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The 'ol John Henry act huh? I actually agree, your deluded though if you think our children will be the same way though, they will be the far minority if they even still believe that. Just look at how quickly smart phones integrated themselves into society.

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checked, and not the same as op

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Are you actually serious?

I'm interested. what's your discord?

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Now this is a good business opportunity.

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