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because i am all in link instead

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small stack...just in case.

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I am all-in already
>making IOTA threads on /biz/

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Because it is an inferior version of $DAG that is at 100x in mcap.

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>Anon responds as if he's the only fucking one

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Because it's a shit coin with an even worse team

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because just look at the charts, its literally dead. Muh technology doesnt mean shit in crypto market - see Bitcoin

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If it's so inferior, why did Europe's biggest Microchip manufacturer create their own software solution to implement IOTA on hardware level?
Why do I even respond, buy DAG sir! Very good coin! IOTA bad!

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How is that relevant for you? Why would this function add value to the token? Have you even looked at the market cap? There is no reason to hold this shitcoin and it's too large for pump and dumps.

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There’s literally no point shilling this on biz cause most people already made up their minds that it’s a shitcoin cause muh refugees. Def the best long term hold along with link but I might buy a stack of FTM or FAG to hedge the bet

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Cuz germans don't understand how electricity works, let alone computers/software/crypto

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cause it's gay.

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Because I made shit tons of money in this coin a long time ago. Also the corporate is full of literal, mentally ill people. Or maybe I'm confusing them with Cobinhood. Idk either way I already made my fortune on this coin. It is dead now.

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>Implying I'm not

Only Chads like Iota. Most of the beta cucks here just jerk off to anime and have no clue how Enterprise solutions are built. They just want the latest pump n dump because deep down they know they will never be alpha enough to pump n dump bitches irl. It's only going to get worse when the Chads have all the crypto money too.

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Only my literal newfag friends are into iota, they don't even understand what blockchain or cryptography is, iota is newfag magnet

>0 transfer fees
>thinking this is good tokenomics
>thinking this makes the network more secure

im kekking hard

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Fuck iotttaaaa
My fucking retard niece shilled me this shit ans i bought the top and sold the bottom

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Superiority doesn't matter after monoliths start playing with it. You've obviously never worked for a government or enterprise.

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>Bought at top, sold at bottom
>Says niece is the retarded one

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