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>he bought? silver bullion, 10 kilos?
>dump it

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Not this time, Bog.
Damn, this shit is accelerating.

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$20+ by eoy

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>Lord Bogdanoff, the Battle of Waterloo has begun
>tell Napoleon to throw the battle
>they lost
>good, send Rothschild to London and dump the consols
>the British think they lost
>dump it again
>they panic sold
>now go all in, break the news and pump it

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damn im not the only one seeing the upward wedge in gold right? It broke past it but im still pretty sure we are crashing today

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what is the app name?

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>being this new
Go the fuck back

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fuck off nigger. I bought Link ICO and was slack's first 200 OG
Kino. Thanks anon

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I don't think so. More likely Bogs are accumulating AG themselves.

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>he bought?
>must we do this again, let him make it

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silver has the shitcoin graph

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holy shit imagine being this new

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The last nights silver thread shilled me hard. Bought my first bit and I'm thrilled.

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Walking home today, some fucker bumped into me and instantly started chatting shit about gold being the best metal. I tried to remain calm and explain to him that silver was actually the best metal, but he wouldn't take a hint. He started throwing around words like "tarnish" and I lost it. Punched him right in his gold loving fuck face.

I hate gold so goddamn much.

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Unironically this happened to me when i wanted to check the price at a local store, silver was overpriced so i just left

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thank you satan!

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1x 1oz gold eagle vs 2x .5oz gold eagle?
advantages on dollar cost avg?

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When gold goes to 5k+ an oz it will be easier to sell the smaller denominations but you'll pay a higher premium when buying smaller amounts.

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