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What went wrong?

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Bat is up 20% in the last 2 days dummy.

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imagine fudding the only coin on coinbase thats pumping despite bitcoin taking a massive shit all over itself.

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>implying BAT will pump past 28 cents
>implying BAT won't shoot back to the 24-26 cent range for the next 3 months

Ok, so what went wrong?

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Literally the only coin in the green right now

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WEB 3.0

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when its not 110F, ill stand on street corners advertising brave

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Noticed that bodybuilding.com is Brave verified. based.

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because it has no trade pairs, you're trapped with the bag

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Question for the big brains. When I send btc to my brave browser wallet and it instantly converts to bat. Where is that exchange taking place?

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im using brave and im opted in to ads, and i get notifications to look at ads, and then i don't get any bat. what's the deal?

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they only issue the grant once a month, you can see the pending grant under reward settings

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how much money can you make seeing ads?

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I think Uphold

becomes "pending rewards," which are granted to your wallet once a month

easily ~$10, potentially more, and also it all depends on the BAT price. If BAT ever moons (it won't) then you could make like $20/month on ads

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ive made about 3 bucks in the past few weeks, but am not seeing close to max ads. This will increase as they increase the catalogue. Right now you can make 0.5 bat / hr, so something around 8 bat per day would be the max possible. So if you saw the max ads about 800 bucks a year. Not sure if we will reach a point that you can see 5 ads an hour consistently though

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goybase lets you convert to USDC

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>nice little pump you're having
>would be a shame if someone... dumped back to 23 cents

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